Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Time for Sharing...
Time for Caring.

Time to Love...
Time to Forgive ...

Time for Family...
Time for Friends.

Time to Remember ...
Time to Forget.

Time - Precious ..

Sometimes it passes too Slow...
Often it passes too Fast

Once Gone..
It is Forever Past.

Enjoy the Moment...
Share the Laughter...
Build Memories!


Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Winter's Icy Kiss

Beginning in the soft light of day Winter arrived swiftly covering everything with a quilt of snow. Once the Sun drifted off to sleep Winter delivered its icy kiss under the cloak darkness with the passion and devastating emotion of a lover out of control. As rain began to fall, the tiny droplets turned quickly into ice encasing each blade of grass, leaf and tree branch. With the wind whistling a song of chilling notes the air was brisk and chilling.

Snuggling under the warmth of my quilts I fell to sleep to the musical sound of the wind. I dreamed of the wintery days I enjoyed as a child....building snowmen and sledding with my friends. Laughing and tasting the soft cool snowflakes upon my lips as I played outside for hours on end.

When I awoke I lay silently remembering a day this time of year from long ago. It was the winter of 1962 when I had my first date with my husband. Our first date was sledding down the big hill close to his home. It was cold and blowing much like today. We had so much fun and being young we never gave one thought to the cold.

When I rose and I entered my kitchen I gazed out the window and smiled as I watched the tiny birds enjoying the seeds in the feeders we had filled for them the night before. Their happy chirps were filling the air as if they were thanking us for thinking of them. "My tiny darlings, it is us who are thanking you..... for the joy you bring as we watch you scamper and fly about."

As I look to the pasture I see my wonderful strong oak standing tall covered in an icy glaze. The ice sparkles like diamonds as the sun shines upon its mighty limbs. I am grateful for the strength of the oak, saying prayers of thanks that all the limbs were left undamaged from the weight Winter's kiss.

The small redbud tree sparkles like a beautiful crystal candle holder at the top of our hill. My husband planted this for me so I could enjoy its deep pink color in the spring. Now in the winter it stands silently capturing my heart with the sheer loveliness left by Winter's kiss.

My precious garden fairy sets alseep upon her stone that my husband and sons placed in the garden. She reflects the purity of the softness from the snow that has fallen upon her book and ice of Winter's kiss. It is as though she awaits the warmth of Spring that will once again bring to life the lovely botanicals surrounding her.

As the day drew to an end I stood at my kitchen window marveling at the Winter Wonderland I was enjoying. Gazing upward to the top of the ash in garden I was amazed at what I saw. There at the top of the tree was a bird nest left from spring and summer. I couldn't believe my eyes the nest formed the shape of a STAR!

It touched me deeply as I could see that even the smallest of creatures was giving thanks for the Greatest Gift! Tears began to well in my eyes! What an AWESOME message it gave without speaking a single word!

YES, MY FRIENDS, It IS the Season of LOVE and GIVING!!


Monday, December 03, 2007

My Lucky Day!

Imagine my surprise when I arrived home today and found a package from Maija had arrived it the mail. Then multiply that times 10 when I discovered I was the LUCKY winner of Claudine Hellmuth's FABULOUS book, "Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected."!!! I was so excited that I immediately opened the book and began looking at all the WONDERFUL creations by Claudine and several of her guest artists who are among my MOST favorite! - Lesley Riley, Nina Bagley, Karen Michel, and Lynn Whipple!! (Sorry Dear, dinner will be very late tonight.)

The first class I ever took at ArtFest was with Claudine so this book has some special memories of that day I spent in her workshop.

AND I will FOREVER CHERISH the book because I received it from the VERY SPECIAL - MAIJA!

WOW!!! It IS my lucky day!

Monday, November 26, 2007

A Year Without Mom

A year has past since I said the final goodbye to my mom. It was at 4:29AM. She had suffered so much and I knew it was time to let her go. As she lay silently, I whispered to her that it was okay for her to go. After 2 shallow breaths she was gone. That seems so long ago and yet seems like yesterday in so many ways.

I've had a year to reflect on all the good times and to wish for all the times that could have been. I remember how strange it felt not to celebrate Christmas with her. And I recalled all the Christmas's past when she would come to our house to celebrate with us. As I felt the pain of her absence I knew that I needed to remember all the good times and not let myself dwell on the sadness.

I moved through the next few months staying busy at my job and trying not to wish for all the times that would never be again. There were times the tears would stream down my cheeks as I drove the commute home....Tears of sadness that she was forever gone and there were so many things we failed to say... Tears of wishes for all the times we didn't have. Tears of regret for all the times when we were both too busy to call or see each other.

Mom and I were never close and I wanted that so very much. As the years past we grew further apart and I so wanted that closeness that was forever out of my reach. During Mom's final months we grew closer but I didn't realize until after she was gone that she kept so much to herself... I now realize that it was to protect me from the pain.

One day right before Mother's Day I was shopping and as I passed the cards I realized that I would never buy my mom a Mother's Day card again. The pain was deep as the reality became apparent to me.

Does the pain lessen? I don't know. There are times when I am alone and times when daily activities cause my thought to drift to my mom. I have learned to allow myself five minutes of tears then I move past the sadness. I am so very blessed with a wonderful family, one that I am proud of and that helps keep me strong.

This year has had some wonderful moments - ones I have shared with my family and ones where Tracie Lyn and I have had some fabulous adventures. These moments have made the year one of memories that I will always cherish and hold dear.

I realized as I made the art piece that I didn't know my mom's favorite color. I guessed it to be blue because she wore a lot of blue and always gravitated to blue in her home. But I never asked her so I don't know for sure. The picture is my mom in the middle with my sister, Jill, and me on either side. It is the only picture I have of the three of us. I cherish it!

To My Mom:

I miss you, Mom.
I miss the days we didn't have
And I cherish the days we did.
I will forever love you.
Your memory is forever living in my heart and mind.


Friday, November 16, 2007

From Dream to Reality.......

Twenty years ago my husband and I built our dream home but as with most who build we found that we couldn't have all the wonderful things we had envisioned. We had a son in college, one in high school, and one in middle school. That meant that we needed to put some of the dreams on hold until a later time.

This past year that "later time" arrived. We decided that we would start working on our house and little by little incorporate some of our dreams. One big one for me was a newer, more modern kitchen. One for my husband was to finish our basement and to have a recreation room that our children could enjoy when they visit. Well, my husband began to work on fulfilling my dream first. He began the remodel on the kitchen just about a year ago. Then due to many problems encountered and his health the kitchen remodel took several months. It was finally finished late this past summer.

Due to Tracie Lyn and my teaching travels I haven't had an opportunity, until now, to post pictures of this absolutely beautiful room. It has far exceeded my dream. It has all the wonderful things I had envisioned and many more. I want to share these pictures and to say "Thank you" to my husband for enduring the many months of challenges in completing this project.

This is the view as you enter the kitchen from the living room. The lovely granite counter top is accented by the medium oak of the cabinets and the ceramic tile on the wall behind the kitchen sink. Looking out the window I can see our beautiful wooded area and meadow shown in my previous post on autumn. I gaze upon the Mighty Oak tree.

This is the view of the island with my precious Jim Shore rooster purchased from Willow Brook. (Our youngest son's store). As you can see we have the most fantastic view out the windows in the eating area. We watch deer, racoons, turkeys and other animals on a daily basis. It is so relaxing to sit and watch the birds flying freely back and forth.

Another view of the eating area.

A view from the eating area looking at the side of the island toward the sink.

This shows a better view of the pantry cabinets. Yes, they are ceiling to floor and run the full length of the kitchen. I love them!

Next week I will cook my first Thanksgiving dinner in this BEAUTIFUL room! I have two ovens so I can have Tom baking in one and pies in the other. I am very excited about this.

This is a wonderful dream come true! Somehow "Thank you" just doesn't seem enough to say but I don't know any other words except to say, "Thank you, my dear husband, for making my dream a reality!"

Now we need to work on YOUR DREAM - the REC ROOM!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Autumn Splendor

During my teaching travels the leaves on the trees in our backyard began to change. My dear husband took some lovely pictures for me so I would not miss seeing the splendor of the autumn colors. This is the view I see as I gaze out my kitchen window.

Here is our lovely patio in the autumn.

And who could forget the MIGHTY OAK?

I stand tall overlooking this wondrous meadow
Watching nature unfold her beauty,
As I see the animals enjoy the warmth of the sun
During these final days before Winter's snow covers the ground.

The colors around me create a landscape vibrant and alive
Where all Nature's splendor is captured in the morning sunlight.
As evening approaches the birds began to rest among my branches
Looking for warmth and comfort from the chilly night.

The dew gathers on my leaves and glistens in the moonlight
Like diamonds and pearls on soft gentle skin.
The wind stirs my leaves to fall upon the ground where..
They gather and cover the earth like a blanket.

As my branches sway in the breeze
I whisper softly "Sleep, my precious meadow,
For the pure white snow will soon cover you until
Spring when you will awake - vibrant and colorful
Once again."

Gently the last leave falls.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Silver Bella was a fabulous event! There was lots of glitz and bling everywhere! Many of the attendees were dressed in darling outfits and boots. It was so much fun to see all the creativity!

Tracie Lyn and I got to see some of our friends, Kim Kwan, Maija Lepore, Pam Garrison, Cindy Gilstrap, and Kimmala.

Here are a couple of pics of my booth. I made Christmas ornaments and some Wheggie tree toppers.

Now it is time for a little rest from all the travel, What an exciting year it has been!

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Tomorrow I head to Omaha for a week of training and meetings, then on Friday evening I will be vending at the WONDERFUL event, "Silver Bella", hosted by Teresa McFaden. There will be much sparkle,sparkle, sparkle.

Between teaching engagements I have been busily making some surprises. Here's a peek:

You will need to come to Silver Bella to see the rest of the great surprises I have in store!

Friday, October 26, 2007

ArtFiberFest... MAGIC was in the Air...

As the plane landed in Seattle I could feel the magic in the air. There is something about Seattle that captures one's heart! Perhaps it is the majestic mountains or the mystery of the sea....or the creative energy that forms when artistic talents merge.....Whatever it is...it captures mind and spirit. It is refreshing to the soul!

Tracie Lyn and I were on our way to ArtFiberFest in Port Townsend but first we had to make our traditional stop at Pike's Market and the little tea shop in Post Alley. We got our favorite goodies along with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers to enjoy during our brief stay!

Then we headed to the Ferry and off to Bainbridge.
Once we left the ferry we began the drive toward lovely Port Townsend and Fort Warden where we would begin our annual adventure at ArtFiberFest hosted by Teesha and Tracy Moore and their family and friends. The welcome was very friendly as usual when we arrived to pick up our packets. Teesha was all smiles as she greeted each attendee. Tracie and I had decorated our tiny cloth dolls and proudly placed them among the others. Since our schedule has been so busy lately, I decorated my doll on the plane during our flight. I am sad as I didn't get a picture and forgot to pick it up, but I am sure it has found a good home.

After completing our registration we hurried off to our friend's house to get settled. We wanted to get back to the Fort for the opening ceremony as it is always a fun and exciting time. You can feel the camaraderie, friendship and love as you enter the room. Everyone is anxious to get started and to share the moments of the next three days with friends. It has been awhile since we have seen many of them so we anxiously sought out each one to say hi and chatter about all the excitement in store. Smiles and warm greetings were everywhere! It was great to see friends like Syd McCutcheon, Mary Stanley, Lisa Engelbrecht,Kristin Steiner, Pam Garrison,Lori Seavey-Christian, Gail Cowan, Betsey Spencer, Tammy Gilley, Laura Murray , and Deb Lewis. I also met many of the INchie Swap, flower and charm swap participants. It was A BLAST!!!

I spent my first day of class with Denise Warner - What a FANTASTIC artist! Free spirited, talented and very giving! As always I had wonderful classmates and we laughed all day. We were like a group of school girls as we created beautiful fairies from Japanese papers and other fibers.

That night Tracie and I took our good friend, Dawn Shepherd, owner of Mother Rubber Stamps, to dinner for her birthday!
We had Thai food for the first time! Wonderful choice thanks to Bird!

The next day Tracie and I taught our Fiber Journal House. The class was TERRIFIC! Just look at these creations!!!

That night was the Vendor Show - It was a BLAST!! What Beautiful Creations!

Saturday Tracie and I spent the day in Keely Barham's Wooly Creature class!! Keely is another of my favorite people - AND OH, so Talented! Look at this fabulous little wooly guy I made! Truly an example of one's man's trash being another man's TREASURE as it is made from some old sweaters from the Goodwill!!

Saturday night was Show and Tell - TERRIFIC line up of creations came out of this FANTASTIC retreat! There was so much eye candy!

All too soon it was Sunday morning so Tracie and I had to begin our journey home. We said "Goodbye" to our magical ArtFiberFest and Port Townsend then drove toward the airport to board the plane. As I watched the shoreline and the mountains fade in the distance my heart whispered, "I will be back, my precious friends."

Sunday, October 14, 2007

And the Fun Goes On and On.....

Day 2 at Art & Soul proved to keep the fun rolling. As Tracie Lyn and I headed off to breakfast we were excited to begin our second day teaching. Today was the Fused Fragments Extended Journal Class. This is always a fun class to teach as we share the technique of fusing fabrics to cover a journal. And the landscape shape proves a super palette for creating nature's view.

The students arrived excited and ready to go. As they began to create their own color palettes the colors came alive! Each student had combined fibers of paper, yarns, ribbon, fabrics and papers in some of the most interesting and vivid blendings that you could imagine. The eye candy was FANTASTIC!

I wanted to share the pictures of the Beautiful creations these talented artists created during our day of fun and laughter! Enjoy!!!!

This is Linda's beautiful picture of her favorite island.

Betsy did a beautiful fall theme and is going to use her journal in a long vertical fashion.

Just look at Gail's beautiful creation. She did some sewing on hers.

Lisa created a beautiful journal in the most fantasic pink color and put lots of ribbons on the side.

This beautiful journal of Jerrilynn's is very sparkly and had a wonderful bright palette.

Merne captured leaves on her beautiful journal and used a large print as the background.

Aren't these artists just the greatest? We had so much fun sharing ideas and again it was said to see the day of teaching end.

However, our day continued as Tracie Lyn and I took Mary Stanley's class on making felted beads. The class was a great way for us to end our day. I had never tried felting so I truly enjoyed learning this technique. I will definitely use it more. And Mary is a Fantastic teacher!

Sadly we bid good night to all as we headed to our room to pack and prepare for the return home. As we drifted to sleep we talked about the wonderful experiences we had at Art & Soul, the fantastic people we had met, and the eager students that were great!

We WILL be back!! And Cindy and Glenny? Well, they each were the kindess and best organizers. They are truly TOPS!!!

Thanks to all of the students, Cindy, Glenny, DI for taking us shopping, Suki for getting my purse to me, and Ruth - Your husband and son are the greatest!!!

All of you helped make this a SUPER experience!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Day 1 at Art and Soul Portland

Where to begin!! Tracie Lyn and I arrived at Art & Soul Portland on Tuesday evening and checked in to the hotel. It was beautiful! We stayed at The Embassey Suites. Once we had our things in our room we headed down to the Art & Soul office to check in and to get our teacher's packets. Cindy and Glenny welcomed us with VERY big smiles and we knew right away this was going to be a FANTASTIC experience! Cindy and Glenny made us feel right at home. They were helpful and told us how happy they were that we were there!

Once we were checked in we went to dinner, then headed to our room to get ready for the first day of class. It was the Fiber Fusion Journal House class. We were so anxious to share the technique of blending paper, thread, yarn, and fabric together in a fusion to create a beautiful palette of color and texture!

When Wednesday arrived we were excited to meet our students and have a day of fun!

As each student arrived with a big smile we were ready to begin. The fun and laughter started immediately and continued throughout the day!

Here is a picture of Suki and her journal house.

Isn't it beautiful!

Di made a lovely house with a Christmas theme. I love the kitties on the fabric!

Joyce made her journal with a bird on the front.

Isn't it lovely?!!!

Neinah's house also has a bird on it!

How beautiful!

Ruth made a beautiful Journal House with tiny vines climbing on the walls.

How beautiful!!!

We were sad to see the day end! What a GREAT day it had been! It was full of FUN, LAUGHTER AND CREATIVITY!

Later that evening Di took Tracie Lyn and me shopping - What a way for a girl to end the day!!!

As we chatted late into the night reliving the WONDERFUL experiences of the day, we could hardly wait for tomorrow when we would be teaching our Fused Fragments Extended Journal Class!!!

More later on Day 2 at Art & Soul Portland!