Thursday, August 19, 2010


Currently my studio is a spare bedroom which has been stripped of all bedroom identity to become a place where I spend my time creating. Of course, I have way too much stuff so it is overcrowded and cramped. Here are a couple of pictures:

For many years I have dreamed of having a studio with plenty of room and good storage. Well, that dream is close to becoming a reality thanks to my fantastic hubby. He has been working to add a space to our unused basement for me to use for a studio. When I retired the gift from him was that he would build me my dream studio. Keep in mind that this was a totally unused area in our basement that was crammed with just plain "junk" and old keepsakes.

While it was basically a clean slate for building a studio it required a lot of prep work before he could even begin. It had to be cleared, wired, framed and drywalled. He began by giving me measurements for the area and I did a rough drawing of how I wanted it to be. Then, he began. The new space is a little more than twice the size of the space I curently have.

We cleared most of the collected junk from the area. Some large items had to remain and he has worked around them. This, I am sure, created many a challenge for him.

I wanted to share some pictures of the process with you, my friends. This is my hubby working away creating my dream room a little at a time:

Here is a view peering into the walk-in closet! Yes, I will have a closet, approximately 6x8 feet with shelves where I can store my fabric so I can actually SEE what I have! No more digging through storage totes to see if I have something!! Yeah!!

A couple of views of the sheetrock completed. Today he has completed hanging the sheetrock.

While there is still a lot to do, I am THRILLED to see the studio taking shape.

Many tasks to be completed: finishing the sheetrock, painting walls, wood trim installed and painted, recepticles to be installed, lighting, building cabinets and putting in the work island....and all the finishing touches. Can hardly wait for sharing the completed project.

I am still undecided on wall color and the rug for the reading and office area. And I need to decide on the desk, chairs, filing cabinets for the office area. We will be hanging a television, DVD player on the wall to prevent using valuable table top areas.

There will be a couple of small chandeliers in the studio. Here is a picture of them:

Hopefully, I will be set up in the new studio before the holiday season! I have a lot of ephemera, fabric and just plain "stuff" to sift through before moving into the new studio. Besides getting totally organized is at the top of the list and I am sure it will be quite the task.

I will keep you posted.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Just enjoying a summer day........

catching bugs and hopping in the grass.

Looking around to ensure that all is safe.

Oh, I think I see a small grasshopper.
I will quietly step closer...

THERE it is!!!

UH! OH! I think I hear Mom. I'd better head back to the woods.

I was just enjoying a summer day chasing bugs and playing in the grass.......Here I am, Mom. Coming........

This was the scene from my kitchen window. Usually we see Mom and Dad with babies but today the Young One was playing alone.