Saturday, September 27, 2008

By The Sea

Well, I have been creating away in my studio....making schools and schools of fish.

My Inchie swap goup will be exchanging INchies at Art & Soul which starts this week. YEAH!!!! So since the theme for Art & Soul is "By the Sea" I decided to fish would be perfect! As you can see fish are on my INchies........


Here is a sneak peek at the fish I have been creating for my INchie artists. They are pockets to hold the INchies we will be swapping.......

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE making a surprise for the swaps!!! The INchies are ALWAYS so BEAUTIFUL that they speak to me and ask for a SPECIAL way to be displayed.

Can hardly wait to arrive in Portland.....What FUN I will have.

Tracie and I will be teaching but best of all I will see MANY of my Friends!...

Drop by and say "HI!"

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today was a day for pleasant surprises in my mailbox. As I opened the mailbox and saw an envelope I knew right away it was from my dear friend, Lisa Engelbrecht. Her envelopes are immediately identifiable with the Beautiful calligraphy she does. I so admire her WONDERFUL talent of the written word.

She send me this magnet with this cute little guy. Isn't he darling?

My next surprise was receiving the Autumn edition of "Haute Handbags". A couple of my knitted "Ma'Dam" bags are featured in the gallery section. But here is the best part of my surprise - Mary Stanley's bag is right across on the opposite page! She is another favorite artist of mine and I am THRILLED that our bags are opposite one another.

Who knew the mail delivery could brighten my day so much?!

Please visit my etsy shop to see more of my knitted handbags.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

From Gloomy to Simple and Elegant

It has been a bit cloudy and rainy lately so in the words of Eyore,
"OH, What a gloomy day." Rather that let it get me down and adopt Eyore's mood, I decided to do something to brighten the day a little.

Since it was a bit chilly cooking something in the oven came to mind - What to cook? I thought a roast sounded good. In my hectic schedule I am always looking for something to cook that doesn't require a lot of time.

I peeled some potatoes then covered the roast with seasonings, onions, garlic powder, potatoes and carrots. Popped it into the oven. Fixed some frozen green beans with real bacon bits, onion and seasoning and began to let them cook on the stove.

Off I went to create.... Fun time, you know!

When all was finished I thought it would create a romantic, yet simple dinner to take a bottle of wine from the fridge and set the table with my good china. That I did.

What a Beautiful way to end a "gloomy" day! Eyore would say,
"OH, happy me!"