Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Time for Sharing...
Time for Caring.

Time to Love...
Time to Forgive ...

Time for Family...
Time for Friends.

Time to Remember ...
Time to Forget.

Time - Precious ..

Sometimes it passes too Slow...
Often it passes too Fast

Once Gone..
It is Forever Past.

Enjoy the Moment...
Share the Laughter...
Build Memories!


Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Winter's Icy Kiss

Beginning in the soft light of day Winter arrived swiftly covering everything with a quilt of snow. Once the Sun drifted off to sleep Winter delivered its icy kiss under the cloak darkness with the passion and devastating emotion of a lover out of control. As rain began to fall, the tiny droplets turned quickly into ice encasing each blade of grass, leaf and tree branch. With the wind whistling a song of chilling notes the air was brisk and chilling.

Snuggling under the warmth of my quilts I fell to sleep to the musical sound of the wind. I dreamed of the wintery days I enjoyed as a child....building snowmen and sledding with my friends. Laughing and tasting the soft cool snowflakes upon my lips as I played outside for hours on end.

When I awoke I lay silently remembering a day this time of year from long ago. It was the winter of 1962 when I had my first date with my husband. Our first date was sledding down the big hill close to his home. It was cold and blowing much like today. We had so much fun and being young we never gave one thought to the cold.

When I rose and I entered my kitchen I gazed out the window and smiled as I watched the tiny birds enjoying the seeds in the feeders we had filled for them the night before. Their happy chirps were filling the air as if they were thanking us for thinking of them. "My tiny darlings, it is us who are thanking you..... for the joy you bring as we watch you scamper and fly about."

As I look to the pasture I see my wonderful strong oak standing tall covered in an icy glaze. The ice sparkles like diamonds as the sun shines upon its mighty limbs. I am grateful for the strength of the oak, saying prayers of thanks that all the limbs were left undamaged from the weight Winter's kiss.

The small redbud tree sparkles like a beautiful crystal candle holder at the top of our hill. My husband planted this for me so I could enjoy its deep pink color in the spring. Now in the winter it stands silently capturing my heart with the sheer loveliness left by Winter's kiss.

My precious garden fairy sets alseep upon her stone that my husband and sons placed in the garden. She reflects the purity of the softness from the snow that has fallen upon her book and ice of Winter's kiss. It is as though she awaits the warmth of Spring that will once again bring to life the lovely botanicals surrounding her.

As the day drew to an end I stood at my kitchen window marveling at the Winter Wonderland I was enjoying. Gazing upward to the top of the ash in garden I was amazed at what I saw. There at the top of the tree was a bird nest left from spring and summer. I couldn't believe my eyes the nest formed the shape of a STAR!

It touched me deeply as I could see that even the smallest of creatures was giving thanks for the Greatest Gift! Tears began to well in my eyes! What an AWESOME message it gave without speaking a single word!

YES, MY FRIENDS, It IS the Season of LOVE and GIVING!!


Monday, December 03, 2007

My Lucky Day!

Imagine my surprise when I arrived home today and found a package from Maija had arrived it the mail. Then multiply that times 10 when I discovered I was the LUCKY winner of Claudine Hellmuth's FABULOUS book, "Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected."!!! I was so excited that I immediately opened the book and began looking at all the WONDERFUL creations by Claudine and several of her guest artists who are among my MOST favorite! - Lesley Riley, Nina Bagley, Karen Michel, and Lynn Whipple!! (Sorry Dear, dinner will be very late tonight.)

The first class I ever took at ArtFest was with Claudine so this book has some special memories of that day I spent in her workshop.

AND I will FOREVER CHERISH the book because I received it from the VERY SPECIAL - MAIJA!

WOW!!! It IS my lucky day!