Monday, May 26, 2008


Today I remember all the men and women who gave their lives for you and me to live in FREEDOM! ALL the men and women who are still in harms way!

As I walk through my beautiful garden and enjoy the lovely gifts of nature, my mind wanders to thoughts of the gift of freedom that I enjoy at no cost to me. This gift was freely given and was never questioned whether it should be.

I was blessed to be born in this place and time. A place where I can express my thoughts - a place where I can walk wherever I please, whenever I please.

A time when the world, while so big, is yet so small.

Being a woman, wife and mother, professional and educated has provided me with a wide range of experiences. Perhaps the best experience of all has been the knowledge that in this country we have the bravest and most unselfish men and women in the world.

My husband has served in Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom and my son in Iraqi Freedom. They served together in Iraqi Freedom making my worries at the time two-fold.

They are both home safe now - THANKS to our HEAVENLY FATHER!!

My family is safe! - Unlike others!

After almost 40 years of serving our country my husband has retired. It is comforting to know that he will never again leave this great land to fight in a war. My son is still young and continues to serve his country and I PRAY he will never again need to leave and fight.

To all the wives, mothers and sisters who have lost their loved ones I want to say "My heart goes out to you." NOTHING can ever fill that void but know that YOUR loved one is LOVED by many!

The gift of freedom for all the future generations is a gift that is PRICELESS and CHERISHED!

Each bloom in my garden reflects a beauty that gives joy and peace within the soul. The tiny florals are a part of my life that comes from being an American - Free to walk among nature's bounty! Free to breathe fresh air in the "Land of the Free"!

Each are part of the day to day time I sometimes take forgranted!

Bless ALL who Serve!!! PEACE to ALL who have died!!!


Saturday, May 10, 2008


Tracie Lyn and I went to Virginia to teach at Art & Soul. What FUN we had and What a GREAT group- students and faculty!

This is an experience all its own. Having been to the east coast only a couple of times and never being in Virginia this was especially exciting. The hospitality of Art & Soul faculty and all participants was truly FABULOUS!
Tracie and I were humbled by the overwhelming FRIENDLINESS and GRATEFUL that several of the participants chose to spend a couple of days with us so we could share our projects with them. Each day we taught we had a TERRIFIC group where all were eager to learn and the room filled with FUN and LAUGHTER as they created BEAUTIFUL pieces of work.

As always Glenny and her staff were WONDERFUL! They met us with smiles and warm hugs! It was exciting to see everyone again! Jan Harris greeted us with a big smile and gave us the cutest bird pins. I immediately placed it on my name tag.

The night we arrived was vendor night and WOW what great creations! After being in total AWE of all the creative energy surrounding me I took a walk around the room to see everyone. There was so many BEAUTIFUL things that I was TOTALLY overwhelmed! Although I was exhausted from the flight and my office move that was completed the day before I left, I wanted to see everything there was to see. Since I wasn't vending Tracie told me I could go take a nap but it was WAY TOO EXCITING to do that! Instead, I stayed to help Tracie since she was vending.

Next to us was LK Ludwig and Bee Shay. Talk about two KIND and FRIENDLY ladies! Behind us was Sally Jean Alexander and her husband. Sally is also very SWEET and FRIENDLY. Keely Barham and her mom were there - Now I know where Keely gets her smile!

Isn't this bird ABSOLUTELY the CUTEST little thing. Keely made it and it's big eyes captured my heart! It begged me to take it home so, of course, I DID!

He now is nesting in my studio.

Lisa Engelbrecht was there and was all smiles as always. I so envy her and her talent! Isn't this piece of her work BEAUTIFUL!!!.

I LOVE it!!

After the vendor fair ended Tracie and I headed to our room to prepare for the class the next day.

The class was our Journal House. Here are some pics of the fabric the students made and a couple of houses.

Aren't these BEAUTIFUL!!! We had a BLAST teaching and our students were simply the best!

The next morning we taught our "Nature Preserved Journal" This is a really fun class for us as we love showing the students how to use dried flowers in their work and also how to use fresh flowers right away in their creations. Again, another FABULOUS group of students!

After we finished the journals we showed them how to make bookmarks, tissue paper and stationery with the florals.

Everyone's creations were FANTASTIC!!!

Tracie and I were THRILLED when they each told us how happy they were that they took our class. They each especially LOVED all the different techniques we taught them and how they can use these techniques in most of their artwork - from fabric to papers to scrapbooks and albums.

After a FUN FILLED evening with Lisa and Jan, Tracie and I packed our suitcases. The next morning we began our flights home and once again laughed and reminisced about our experience at Art & Soul!

THANKS to our students for spending their days with us! Thanks to Glenny and Staff for a EXCITING experience AND Thanks to all our friends for their FRIENDSHIPS !