Sunday, October 30, 2011


Another class Tracie Lyn and I will be teaching for Ruth Rae is the bracelet made of VELVET & LACE. This is a class filled with fun and intrigue for creating a bracelet resembling a piece of jewelry from the past. Using velvet ribbon, bits of vintage lace, satin ribbon and vintage buttons coupled with a variety of beads and jewelry hardware we will spend the day exploring the art of days gone by.

Techniques will include, not only sewing and triming in a way to give an aged appeal but also the stringing of beads, crocheting buttons and crimping to finish this most lovely jeweled treasure. An optional bonus will be to embroidery a handmade pillow for displaying.

Once completed students will enjoy wearing this bracelet on special occasions or as a necklace with a treasured dress.

Please join us as we take a STEP INTO THE PAST!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


The past few weeks have been filled with a busy schedule of creating Mixed Media samples for the class Tracie Lyn and I are teaching for a fellow teacher, Ruth Rae. She has been ill the past few monthes and is unable to attend International Quilt so we were asked to teach her classes.

As most of our time was scheduled for getting ready to teach our proposed class, it was necessary for us to create samples, class outline and class kits for the students in the Exploration in Mixed Media Class.

Here is a sneak peak at samples:

This is created with various burning effects using a heat gun and candle on a variety of fabric media. RocLon bump is used as the background for the piece.

In this piece are Roc-Lon Multi Purpose Cloth, various other fabrics and trims all afixed to a vintage quilt piece from a flea market find. Behind the door is a small doll given to me years ago at an art event from a student. I have always loved the doll and wanted to include it in a special piece. This is just the right piece.

Creating this piece was a lot of fun. I made resin paper, created a transparency, then used various fabrics and burning to give the aged look.

I am excited to teach this class with several techniques. We will be demonstrating the resin paper process, review the art of printing transparency images. burning techniques using both a heat gun and a candle on various fabrics, trims, laces etc., followed by assemblage to create a lovely work of art.

Please join us for a day filled with FUN and CREATIVITY!!!