Sunday, October 30, 2011


Another class Tracie Lyn and I will be teaching for Ruth Rae is the bracelet made of VELVET & LACE. This is a class filled with fun and intrigue for creating a bracelet resembling a piece of jewelry from the past. Using velvet ribbon, bits of vintage lace, satin ribbon and vintage buttons coupled with a variety of beads and jewelry hardware we will spend the day exploring the art of days gone by.

Techniques will include, not only sewing and triming in a way to give an aged appeal but also the stringing of beads, crocheting buttons and crimping to finish this most lovely jeweled treasure. An optional bonus will be to embroidery a handmade pillow for displaying.

Once completed students will enjoy wearing this bracelet on special occasions or as a necklace with a treasured dress.

Please join us as we take a STEP INTO THE PAST!

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eventhough have no plan, the event still run in the right way, cool!