Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Cards are always a challenge for me but when that Heather Simpson-Bluhm organized this swap I just knew I needed to join the group. I gave it a whirl and had a GREAT time making these!!! I can hardly wait to see what others send to me!

Here are the results of my meager attempts to create cards for any occasion:

To send a gift created with your heart and hands is a WONDERFUL way to share your talents with those you love and cherish!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tiny Visitors

Walking about in the flower garden I spotted some tiny visitors. They were quietly moved about enjoying the florals. From time to time they would pause allowing me to snap a picture quickly.

This dragonfly circled the various floral botanicals as though he was on patrol. He flew quickly from this flower to that pausing only slightly. I watched him for several minutes until he finally lit on the wooden post in the center of the garden. Do you see him there in the center?

This interesting little guy is a night hawk moth that was enjoying the sweet nector of the petunias along the walkway to the front door. At first I thought he was a hummingbird until he stopped on the petals. His long proboscises was probing deep within each of the flowers as he drank. I snapped his picture fasinated with his interesting small body.

Fluttering among the other colorful florals were a couple of monarch butterflies. They, too, were stopping frequently to savor the sweet nector.

Look very closely and you will see the tiny tree frog that was singing as I started toward the house ending my tour.

These tiny visitors bring such joy!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Say Hi!!

Please say Hi to my little sea creature! (I just can't decide what to name her. -- Any suggestions???)

She was sooo much fun to create! Have you ever seen a piece drain pipe look so cute?.

My husband was wondering what I was doing at Lowe's as I was browsing in the plastic pipe connections. He asked what I was looking for and I must admit I had to say, "I don't know, but I will know when I find it!"

Being the wonderful husband that he is he began to help me look for what I didn't know I wanted yet.....Soon, there were the perfect pieces - a "hub to hub" (whatever that means), a 90 degree elbow and a 45 degree elbow. Yeah! I had the beginnings of a body!

When we arrived home I rushed into my art room to begin work on this darling creature. I looked for the duct tape and wire - found it!.. Now, where are those glass eyes I had?..... Oh, there they are!

Now I could begin. OOPs! What will be used to cover the body? I ran to the basement and dug out an old sweater, then into my bedroom and saw the toe socks - PERFECT!!!...I had this pair of toe socks that just wouldn't stay on my feet so I decided to put them to good work.

NOW I can begin... So THAT I did! ...I taped, wrapped, wired and sewed until this WONDERFUL creature was all put together! She still needed something......

I drove to the local Walmart and purchased some eyelashes. OH, they look GREAT!!!


Hope you like her!

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Introducing Ma'Dam Bags !

During the winter I love to knit. It is relaxing and can be set aside to finished later. Since I have practically every skein of yarn that is available I am always seek ways to use it for creating something. I decided to take a skein of inexpensive worsted yarn and combine it with a skein of a special designer yarn and just knit a row until all was used.

This provided various sizes of rectangles that I needed to use for something. Since I love making purses I decided what better way to use than to make purses. I call my purse creations - "Ma'Dam Bag".

I love bright vibrant colors so I used various fabrics from my stash. It was fun selecting just the right print for each knitted creation.

Here are some of the bags I have completed.

Yellow is my favorite color. This bag is really fun with specks of colors hidden beneath the fuzzy yellow.

Hot pink - FUN- EXCITING -and of course, it has a small splash of yellow within the chucky yarn that is combined with the hot pink eyelash to give a fuzzy look. The fun lining reveals hearts with designs of yellow and bright green. This is definitely a bag to accent an otherwise plain outfit or blue denim jeans.

Aqua is always a color for any special occasion. It looks GREAT with black, white, navy, yellow, grey and numerous other colors. It has a lining that is very whimsical with the stars and swirls. Since I am a lover of fantasy this bag stirs my imagination to a vision of fairies or other WONDERFULLY whimsical creatures.

A little more on the conservative side this brown and mauve purse makes a wonderful accent to a suit or jeans. It captures the beautiful tones of autumn and winter and the lining is one of my favorite fabrics. It is a batik that has accents that give the appearance of trees and other follage.

The red orange color of the bag is just the right splash of color for a plain outfit that you want to give a little pizzaz! The colorful lining is a bright combination of red, orange and yellow.

All the bags are one-of-a-kind originals. They are fun and softly feminine.

I am placing them in my etsy shop. For those of you who have been fans and customers for a long time I want to thank you for your patience. It has been forever since I got anything placed in my etsy shop. Since my mother became ill and passed away I haven't been able to get anything in my etsy shop. I just wanted to say "Thank You" for continually visiting my blog and for emails inquiring about when I would be getting items in etsy.