Monday, July 21, 2008

Say Hi!!

Please say Hi to my little sea creature! (I just can't decide what to name her. -- Any suggestions???)

She was sooo much fun to create! Have you ever seen a piece drain pipe look so cute?.

My husband was wondering what I was doing at Lowe's as I was browsing in the plastic pipe connections. He asked what I was looking for and I must admit I had to say, "I don't know, but I will know when I find it!"

Being the wonderful husband that he is he began to help me look for what I didn't know I wanted yet.....Soon, there were the perfect pieces - a "hub to hub" (whatever that means), a 90 degree elbow and a 45 degree elbow. Yeah! I had the beginnings of a body!

When we arrived home I rushed into my art room to begin work on this darling creature. I looked for the duct tape and wire - found it!.. Now, where are those glass eyes I had?..... Oh, there they are!

Now I could begin. OOPs! What will be used to cover the body? I ran to the basement and dug out an old sweater, then into my bedroom and saw the toe socks - PERFECT!!!...I had this pair of toe socks that just wouldn't stay on my feet so I decided to put them to good work.

NOW I can begin... So THAT I did! ...I taped, wrapped, wired and sewed until this WONDERFUL creature was all put together! She still needed something......

I drove to the local Walmart and purchased some eyelashes. OH, they look GREAT!!!


Hope you like her!


Maija said...

OMG Marylin! I just ADORE your clever little sea creature!! She is so strange and pretty!

Carol Sloan said...

Awesome! I love her soulful eyes! I found your blog through Krisiti & Bills' Italy tours page. You gotta LOVE teaching/learning in Italy! Maybe I will join you one day.