Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tiny Visitors

Walking about in the flower garden I spotted some tiny visitors. They were quietly moved about enjoying the florals. From time to time they would pause allowing me to snap a picture quickly.

This dragonfly circled the various floral botanicals as though he was on patrol. He flew quickly from this flower to that pausing only slightly. I watched him for several minutes until he finally lit on the wooden post in the center of the garden. Do you see him there in the center?

This interesting little guy is a night hawk moth that was enjoying the sweet nector of the petunias along the walkway to the front door. At first I thought he was a hummingbird until he stopped on the petals. His long proboscises was probing deep within each of the flowers as he drank. I snapped his picture fasinated with his interesting small body.

Fluttering among the other colorful florals were a couple of monarch butterflies. They, too, were stopping frequently to savor the sweet nector.

Look very closely and you will see the tiny tree frog that was singing as I started toward the house ending my tour.

These tiny visitors bring such joy!

1 comment:

Lori S-C said...

you have a good eye, to spot those little creatures!
Looking forward to seeing you at AFF!