Sunday, August 31, 2008

Glimpses of a Dream

Thinking of going to Italy is a small glimpse of a dream that is about to come true. Waking to a sunrise on the other side of the world where the view is breath taking with a scenery that has aged beautifully. Age only enhances what the eye is seeing.

Architecture - that no matter the age still mystifies the mind.

A place were lovers' hearts are kissed by the ancient artists' mortal gifts of art whether with stone or paint. Air - that creates an atmosphere to capture romantic moments to treasure forever.

This, my friend, is my small glimpse of the dream of going to a quaint village known as Orvieto, sitting atop a plateau overlooking vineyards and tiny homes.

Tracie and I will teach you how to use the elements from the experience to create a journal filled with memories of the days you spent getting to know about this Fabulous culture. You will drink the wines and eat the foods that come from the small market where fresh produce from the fields are sold.

Tracie Lyn and I would love to have you join us on this experience of a lifetime. We will be guided during this Adventure by Kirstin and Bill Steiner.

This is but a small "Glimpse of a Dream", not just for me, but for YOU.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Art Unraveled........

.....another EXTRAORDINARY experience filled with EXCITEMENT and the BLESSING of creating and meeting NEW FRIENDS!

Although our trip was off to a rocky start with Tracie's flight being canceled and her flying standby all the way, that was NO indication of the rest of the weekend in Phoenix. Once I arrived at the hotel EXCITEMENT filled the air and the fragrance of friendships old and new captured my senses.

After getting settled in the room it was time to meet my INchie group for our swap. WOW! What a group! They were the loveliest and most talented women one could hope to meet. We spent the next hour or so swapping our INchies and sharing introductions. My only regret is that I did not get to sit with each of them and visit the night away. I could hardly believe my eyes as I looked at each of the UNIQUELY created tiny works of art! Each and captured my heart as I thought of how these tiny bits of art were carefully and lovingly created and assembled.

Everyone pitched in to ensure that all participants received INchies from the other! Look at these BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS!!!

I received these AWESOME gifts from various members of the INchie group. I can hardly wait to use these in artistic creations.

Soon it was time to pick Tracie up at the airport. We went from the airport to dinner then headed to our room to get ready for class the next morning.

Arriving at class we greeted each student then the FUN began! It was as though we were all friends FOREVER! There was much ANTICIPATION as each person picked up their paint brushes and began to paint. Their creations were brought to life as the paints blended on the canvas. Here are a few pictures of our students working on their FABULOUS works of art! ( I apologize for not getting more closeups of everyone's work but you can visit Tracie's blog as she has pics of the students with their finished artwork):

As Tracie and I hugged each person leaving class there was a moment of sadness that the day had come to an end. We had made new friends and loved being able to share our time with them. What BEAUTIFUL works of art they had created in class!

As always the next day proved to be as much fun as the day before. This was the Vintage Journal class. WHAT color combinations and textures! Aren't these just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Again we felt moments of sadness as each person left. More new friends had touched our lives and took a special place in our hearts.

Later that evening we went to the banquet and had a TERRIFIC time. Here is a picture of us with Vicki, one of our students and friend! Isn't she lovely?

As we began our journey home we reminisced on the experiences, fun, excitement and sense of joy in sharing with others.

AGAIN, Linda had put together a time for all of us to leave the worries of the world behind and to spend time with friends.

She had given all of us, teachers and students, an atmosphere filled with creativity and relaxation!

Please visit Tracie's blog to see more pics of our classes.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Adventure at Art Unraveled

Tomorrow I head to Art Unraveled in Phoenix to teach a class on Friday and another on Sunday.

Saturday I will be selling some special items at the Extravaganza that Linda has organized. I hope you will find time to stop by and take a look at the goodies. (sneak peak - Vintage French magazine pages)

I have some new Ma'Dam Bags that I will be unveiling.

When I return I will share some pictures of this FABULOUS Retreat!!!