Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is Cassie on a day when she was doing well. She had climbed in my bag and was lying there when I discovered her. She is so sweet!

As of today she still has not eaten. She drank a little water and walked a little but just won't eat.

The vet called this morning to see how she was doing and we told him that she still won't eat. He was going to his clinic and said for one of us to bring her in so he could look at her. I took her. The incision was swollen and she had a temperature. 103.4 degrees. He checked her tummy and the incision was oozing. She has an infection which is not uncommon when the intestines are involved as they are full of bacteria.

Needless to say - he kept her. He is giving her antibiotics interveinously and some nourishment. She is very sick. My heart aches for her as I know the pain must be tremendous. He is going to give her a pain injection because a pill would not be good for the intestines. He isn't sure when she will get to come home. He said he is concerned about her well being.

I just pray she does get better and gets to come home. I am very concerned for her!

One thing he did comment on is that the ribbon was about 1/2 inch wide which was lucky because a string, thread or dental floss can cut through the intestine then there is very little that can be done. The wide ribbon had not cut the intestines so that was a good thing. He said dental floss is the worst as it is very strong.

Nala, our yellow tabby, misses her playmate. While Nala is very mischievous I do believe she senses that something is wrong. She didn't bother Cassie at all while she was home.

Please say a prayer for our Cassie. She truly needs them.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Update on Cassie

Thanks to all of you who have sent me kind thoughts and have Cassie in your prayers.

The vet called today and asked if we would mind bringing Cassie home early as she won't eat. He thinks she is frightened and perhaps if she comes home she will.
He knows us well as our son worked for him during high school and college.

Cassie is home. She can hardly move. Still hasn't eaten but did go to the potty.
I feel so sad for her but am VERY grateful she is going to be okay.

Apparently the vet did not have to remove a section of the intestines but rather made 3 incisions in the small intestines, snipped the ribbon and carefully removed it in pieces.

I can't even imagine the pain that poor kitty has.

I will NEVER allow her in my studio again! Will keep you posted on her progress.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Sweet Cassie

I simply had to post this warning to all you animal lovers out there that have a precious pet you cherish.

Sweet Cassie loves to hang out with me in my art studio. Unfortunately I must keep my eye on her constantly as she loves to get in the various supplies that I have. She loves "INchies" and frequently takes off with them when I am working on them for a swap. She also loves ribbons, yarns and threads and will frequently grab them and start chewing.

I have always been able to get them from her but a couple of days ago I couldn't. She grabbed a pink ribbon approximately 14-16 inches long and ran with it. Hubby and I chased her all through the house but before we could catch her, she ate it.

Needless to say it caused her to get ill. She was vomiting on Wednesday morning so my husband took her to the vet. They ran tests and gave her barium to xray her but she kept vomiting it up. The vet determined she had a blockage. He asked if we were sure she ate the ribbon. My husband assured him that he was positive she did. The vet explained that the ribbon could cut her small intestines and surgery should be performed right away.

He did the surgery and sure enough she had the ribbon lodged in her intestines. Without prompt surgery she could have died.

Please, PLEASE do not let your pet in your studio! There are so many dangerous items that they may find and want to use a toys. As much as I love Cassie's company I know now that the studio MUST be off limits. Dangers are everywhere!

If we not known for sure that she had eaten the ribbon we would have lost our precious kitty. I am so grateful that we knew and that when my husband got up yesterday after I had left for the office he realized she was ill. I guess she came to him, lay down in front of him and meowed. He said he just knew she was saying "Please help me!" He immediately took her to the vet.

I am so happy that he did not hesitate. How lucky we are! The medical report is she is doing fine but is still at the vet and will be for a few days.

I will keep you posted.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Prize for JUNE

This has been a very busy month. I am late getting a picture of the prize for the month posted. However, for all the visitors that have left comments since June 1 I have been placing your names in the jar for the the monthly drawing.

Here is a picture of the prize:

The prize consists of dried botanicals from my garden and pasture, Vintage buttons, pages from a 1918 Ladies Home Journal and other misc not shown but will be a surprise.

Don't forget to leave a comment to be entered to win. There is a link on the upper right of my blog that will take you to the details of my monthly giveaways.

Monday, June 15, 2009


"I wake with the flowers that will
watch out the night;
Yellow and white
In the midsummer twilight over the land
For the dawn at hand.

You shall find me early and leave me late
I can always wait,
As sure as the summer and sun will disclose
The heart of the rose,

With the brooding passion of poet or bird
Till life be stirred
In the formless thought, in the eggs of blue,
And love in you.

Oh, the sky delight of the rosebuds' red!
Oh! the word unsaid!"

from The Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden


"The evening comes, the fields are still,
The tinkle of the thirsty rill
Unheard all day ascends again,
Deserted is the half-mown plain,
Silent the swathes! the ringing wain,
All housed within the sleeping farms!
The business of the day is done,
the last-left hay-maker is gone,
And from the thyme upon the height,
And from the elder-blossom white
and pail dog-roses in the hedge,
And from the mint plant in the sedge,
In puffs of balm the night-air blow
The perfume which the day fore-goes,
and on the

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Creation for Lucky May Visitor

Gathering supplies I begin creating the giveaway for the lucky winner of the May drawing. Painting will be the first step for this one-of-a-kind gift for that special person.

I pick up the brush and begin, letting the brush guide me on what to paint. Soon these daisies begin to take shape.

Once I finished them I laid them to the side to dry. Then I began to focus on what to create with these, my favorite flowers.

After they were dry I pressed Steam-A-Seam2 on the backside of the painted fabric.

Now I needed to decide how to present these lovely florals. MMMMmmmm...I think I will use a Vintage album page, sheer fabric, French lace and ribbon.

Now to draw the lucky winner before I show the final creation!......And the winner is:........Doreen G who left a comment on May 12....She lives at the Big Pond in Australia!!!! (Doreen, please send me a private email with your snail mail address so I can mail you the prize.)

And here is the PRIZE!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, DOREEN and THANK YOU FOR VISITING! Please continue to visit often.

I collect all the names from the comments throughout the month then draw a lucky winner at the beginning of the next month. Please see the drawing information at the upper right on the main page of my blog for details.