Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fibre & Stitch Premier Issue

I simply had to make a post regarding the first issue of Fibre & Stitch that is now available from Sue Bleiweiss and her staff. What a super job they have done to capture work of some very talented artists!

My darling daughter-in-law, Tracie Lyn has an article on Mixed Media Integration. As many of you are aware Tracie does some beautiful creations through collage and painting.

Then a terrific interview with one of Tracie Lyn and my artist friends, Shari Beaubien. Shari creates beautiful heartfelt works that demonstrates a true passion for life!

Sue Bleiweiss, shares painting ideas. Sue is a very giving and lovely person. For those of you who haven't discovered her, she constantly shares ideas and techniques. Her work is lovely and very creative!

Also, included are many of your favorite artists. Their work is beautiful and so unique! Very detailed descriptions of the processes and lovely pictures!

If you haven't yet subscribed to Fibre & Stitch, you are missing out! This first issue is so full of ideas that each of you fiber artists will be amazed! Please check out Fiber and Stitch's site and sign up for this creative publication! It will be the best $29.95 you can spend!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Belle Armoire

I want to say thank you to one of my favorite Stampington & Company magazines, Belle Armoire. I am so honored they published my free-style crochet purse in their distinguished publication. It is humbling to be published among so many artist's creations.

This is a work that was a round robin with a fabulous group of ladies I met at Art FiberFest - in a class given by Doris Arndt. We had so very much fun! While our class was small we had LOADS of fun! The article describes how this fun purse was developed.

To the staff and Belle Armoire I want to express my most heartfelt thanks. Please pick up a copy of this magazine so you can see all the wonderful pieces of art to wear.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Immersed in the Magic of Art

Thursday evening before leaving for Art Unraveled , Tracie Lyn arrived in Kansas City and we scurried off to meet Annie Lockhart for dinner. It was a fun girl’s night out where the three of us laughed and shared art experiences. We talked about how much fun it is to teach and to share our artful creations with others. I am sure we must have looked like three teenagers laughing and giggling as we ate dinner while excitedly anticipating all the experiences we each were looking forward to in our futures. We shared fears as well, as we each nervously spoke of all the challenges teachers faces, such as wanting to make taking our classes a fun experience for each student! EACH of us is so PASSIONATE about our teaching that we DON’T want anyone to walk away disappointed.

It grew late and we all knew our fun must end. Tracie Lyn and I needed to gather last minute items for our trip to Art Unraveled in Phoenix. We were leaving the next morning and wanted to be fresh upon our arrival. We said goodbye to Annie, hugs went all around, we each snapped a few quick pictures then parted.

Tracie Lyn and I arrived at my house and again began a conversation on how excited we were to be teaching our house journal to new students. We gathered all the last minute items and stuffed our suitcases as tightly as possible! We were ready!! Off we headed - to bed - so the next day would come quickly! We didn’t want to waste a single minute. We wanted to be in Phoenix at Art Unraveled as soon as possible!

Friday morning we rose early - made another check of all our stuff - headed to the airport! The flight was on time! YEAH!!! Up - Up- And Away! We were headed to Phoenix! We arrived on time! Lady Luck was on our side! No problems finding the hotel. We went to the local market to get water, soda and snacks then collapsed in our room! WE’RE HERE!!!! YES!

We decided we were exhausted and didn’t want to go out so we ordered pizza delivered! As we enjoyed the pizza we made our plans for the next day. It was the vendor show and we wanted to be sure to get our tables ready on time. Laughing and planning our day we talked in the dark until we both drifted off to sleep.

Saturday came quickly! We woke early, went for breakfast then grabbed all our artwork and headed to the vendor show. Linda had all the tables arranged perfectly, they were numbered and easy to find. We began to cover the tables so we could place our artwork, ephemera, and vintage papers just right.

Once we finished we scurried off to see if we could find our art friends. It was ABSOLUTELY wonderful to see so many people we know!! AND the ARTWORK - WOW!!! What a TALENTED group!!!

Once the show started we were so busy! It was heartwarming to have attendees come up to us and introduce themselves. I was very humbled when someone told me they wanted to meet Tracie Lyn and I. How rewarding is that?! We are TRULY Blessed!

Kim Kwan was a hoot! We had so much fun laughing with her! I simply had to snap this fun pic to share!

Stacie brought me my charms from the swap she hosted. Thanks to all you who made these charms - I will CHERISH them. I want to find a SPECIAL chain to place them on so I can wear them!

Carol Parks who hosted a fat book swap stopped by to say hi. Again - MUCH laughter and FUN talking with her.

The Banquet that night was remarkable! Linda and Chuck had organized the best evening - from the diner to asking to be mistress of ceremony to the auction to the awards - The agenda was fun, Fun, FUN!!! We had the best table mates. Laughing and sharing good times were the atmosphere of the night.

Laura won second place in the art awards for her “Shoe”. Talk about a terrific piece of art! It was the talk of the table all night as it was continually wondering toward the dark on the art table but darkness did NOT keep everyone from noticing its fantastic decor - I heard that first and second place were VERY close!

Saturday morning arrived and it was time for our class. Tracie Lyn and I jumped from the bed anxious to begin the day. We simply couldn’t wait to meet our students. What a FUN day we had planned! Linda had our room arranged PERFECTLY! We had plenty of electrical outlets for the irons and sewing machines, ample space for each student and BEST of all the tables were arranged in a way that aided us to assist each student without bothering another. WE could NOT have arranged it better! It was obvious that some thought had gone into the plans.

We placed “goodies” at each work space. Then the first student, Marsha, arrived. Next came Sandy, Maija and Clair.

They were all smiles as they entered the room and greeted us. I think we started laughing right away and the laughing didn’t cease throughout the entire day. I honestly can’t remember when I have had so much fun! I felt like 6 rather than 60. I did not want the day to end! Just look at what the talented ladies created in our class!!

That night we met Maija for dinner. While I haven’t known her long I felt as though we had been friends forever. There was a connection that only happens with a few select people in our lifetimes. Maija and I have been online friends since we met last year and have shared many a private thought via our email. Her kindness and gentle understanding has aided me during this past year when I lost my mom at Thanksgiving. Maija’s friendship has given me support and strength. I cherish her and appreciate her thoughtfulness.

Maija made me this BEAUTIFUL picture! It now has a VERY SPECIAL place in my home!

Mary joined us for awhile as we shared many more experiences. The laughter filled the room as we talked about our fun at Art Unraveled and shared stories of our lives and families. Strange how we all seem to have similar events that affect our lives in ways we never expected. Yet fate brought us together here at Art Unraveled.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end so after several hours of laughter, tears and chatter Tracie Lyn and I bid goodbye to our friends. As we hugged each one tightly we knew it was not goodbye but merely a parting until later.

Friendship - the unexpected gift a stranger gives to us as our lives change forever.....

The stranger is no longer....

.....But a friend has entered and shall forever remain.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


These are the only three words that can describe the anticipation I feel for our classes. Tracie Lyn and I have sooo much FUN planning for the classes that we are teaching at several art retreats.

We have such a good time gathering items and planning little gifts to share with each student. Spending the spring and summer gathering flowers for pressing in anticipation of the way faces will light up at the sight of these lovely botanicals really has given us many hours of fun. This year there was a bumper crop of Queen Anne's lace! The blossoms were really large and quite lacy.

As we are preparing for our trip to Phoenix for Art Unraveled we are overwhelmed with EXCITEMENT! Putting the class packets together, looking at all the "little items" that will go into the fun projects and getting them mailed to Art Unraveled has been terrific!

We spend long hours on the phone planning and rechecking to ensure that nothing is forgotten. WE WANT THIS TO BE THE BEST EXPERIENCE! Giggling like school girls we talk about the EXCITEMENT we see on each student's face as they enter our classroom. Everytime we teach the EXCITEMENT grows! We LOVE to spoil our students!

AS the day for the classes draw closer we talk about the PLAYING and can't decide who we think enjoys the classes more - us or the students! PLAY is what is all about! PLAYING with fabrics, yarns, thread, feathers, various ephemera - THAT is what we want the day to focus on!! Remember PLAYING with your friends as a child? That is the atmosphere we create in our classes. We want you to spend the day PLAYING, creating and sharing ideas!

If you haven't planned to join us for a day of FUN...EXCITEMENT...PLAY then please look at our schedule and plan to attend one or all of these wonderful art retreats!!! WE have made so many wonderful and talented friends and are anxiously anticipating seeing them again and meeting new ones.

WE will be teaching at Art Unraveled in Phoenix, Arizona on August 12 (not too late to register), Art and Soul in Portland, Oregon, October 2nd & 3rd, ArtFiberFest in Port Townsend, Washington, October 19th and Quilt Internation in Houston, Texas on October 31 thru November 2nd.

I promise you will enjoy creating our lovely Fiber Fusion Extended Journal and our darling Fiber Fusion House Journal. Knowing how to sew is NOT a requirement in either of these classes.