Tuesday, August 07, 2007


These are the only three words that can describe the anticipation I feel for our classes. Tracie Lyn and I have sooo much FUN planning for the classes that we are teaching at several art retreats.

We have such a good time gathering items and planning little gifts to share with each student. Spending the spring and summer gathering flowers for pressing in anticipation of the way faces will light up at the sight of these lovely botanicals really has given us many hours of fun. This year there was a bumper crop of Queen Anne's lace! The blossoms were really large and quite lacy.

As we are preparing for our trip to Phoenix for Art Unraveled we are overwhelmed with EXCITEMENT! Putting the class packets together, looking at all the "little items" that will go into the fun projects and getting them mailed to Art Unraveled has been terrific!

We spend long hours on the phone planning and rechecking to ensure that nothing is forgotten. WE WANT THIS TO BE THE BEST EXPERIENCE! Giggling like school girls we talk about the EXCITEMENT we see on each student's face as they enter our classroom. Everytime we teach the EXCITEMENT grows! We LOVE to spoil our students!

AS the day for the classes draw closer we talk about the PLAYING and can't decide who we think enjoys the classes more - us or the students! PLAY is what is all about! PLAYING with fabrics, yarns, thread, feathers, various ephemera - THAT is what we want the day to focus on!! Remember PLAYING with your friends as a child? That is the atmosphere we create in our classes. We want you to spend the day PLAYING, creating and sharing ideas!

If you haven't planned to join us for a day of FUN...EXCITEMENT...PLAY then please look at our schedule and plan to attend one or all of these wonderful art retreats!!! WE have made so many wonderful and talented friends and are anxiously anticipating seeing them again and meeting new ones.

WE will be teaching at Art Unraveled in Phoenix, Arizona on August 12 (not too late to register), Art and Soul in Portland, Oregon, October 2nd & 3rd, ArtFiberFest in Port Townsend, Washington, October 19th and Quilt Internation in Houston, Texas on October 31 thru November 2nd.

I promise you will enjoy creating our lovely Fiber Fusion Extended Journal and our darling Fiber Fusion House Journal. Knowing how to sew is NOT a requirement in either of these classes.



Sue B said...

Marylin your classes sound like a lot of fun. I'm going to be in Houston too, maybe we'll get to meet in person :)

kimberlykwan said...

Marilyn...you and Tracie Lyn are two of the cutest darned things i've met in AGES! 82 more days til Silver Bella....can't wait to see you again!!!!