Monday, March 07, 2011

Techniques for Celebrating Spring's Arrival

In one month I will be heading off to ArtFest to teach two FABULOUS classes! Since ArtFest is one of Tracie and my favorite retreats, we are teaching classes that are special and "one-of-a-kind" thus, will not be taught at any other retreat!

ArtFest was our first ever art retreat, where we began as students, vended then finally have had the privilege to teach for the past several years. When we attended the First Artfest, we fell in love with the breath-taking beauty of the area and the hosts of this magical event, Tracy and Teesha Moore.

Even after 12 or 13 years of participating in this event, I continue to be overwhelmed by the awe everytime I arrive. Magic wraps around me like a blanket warming my heart. Participatng in fabulous classes, rubbing shoulders with top notch instructors, meeting new friends,drinking-in the absolutely breath-taking beauty of the surroundings, reveling in each lovely experience touches my deepest being. I don't think I feel quite so alive and able to live wholly in the moment like I do during Artfest.

Once again, I am so honored to be teaching, sharing my knowledge and skills, passing along the love of nature to those wonderful individuals that choose to spend their time in one of my classes.

I am extremely excited about this year's workshops and want to extend a personal invitation to be part of one or both, which are Artfest exclusives. This is definitely the one and only opportunity to learn these very unique techniques for creating nature inspired, stunning works of art in 2011.

The Egg-ology Workshop is BRAND NEW! And, I can hardly
contain myself, as I simply giddy to share my techniques for stenciling, stippling, and painting to create artworks inspired by bird eggs and nests, along with secrets to forging perfect representations of such delicate and intricate natural subjects,
imbued with both color and depth. The techniques learned in this class will continue to reveal nature's beauty in your future artworks as you use them in many of your creations.

The Of Nested Visions Workshop, I am proud to say, is the
third time this sold-out class has been offered and, again, is an ArtFest exclusive. An ode to Nature's songbirds and their beautiful abodes, students will build an enchanting assemblage first by weaving their own
nests using the same natural materials as birds. These delicate nests will be the focal point of the entire piece. You will be amazed at the way the nests capture the talents used by small birds. The differences between these creative works and the nests you find in your backyard are difficult to distinquish.

And I am thrilled to say that Tracie will be bringing some really REALLY
GORGEOUS natural ephemera straight from her garden for
students to use... take a peek!

We have limited these classes to a small number of participants to keep the classroom experience both personal and intimate.

Only a few spaces remain in each workshop as the sign-up date draws near,
so don't wait... Sign-up today!

Visit ArtFest 2011to download a registration form or contact Teesha at

See you at ArtFest!!!