Monday, September 23, 2013


The Lady of Mystery is finished and ready to mail.  I hope the auction at International Quilt is a huge success.  If you are going to Houston please check out the donated quilts and bid on your favorite one.

This will be in the mail tomorrow.  Now to get to working on the items for the demos and classes.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Lady of Mystery Quiltlet

I decided I should work on the quilted wall hanging for International Quilt.  Wasn't sure what I was going to make until I got started.  It always seems like whenever I begin a project the creating just comes to me.  This was no different.  I grabbed my paints, brushes, fabric and a glass of cherry limeade.  Then, just stared painting.                                                                                               

As I began to paint the brush just seemed to take a mind of its own and I started drawing a woman's face.  I had made a drawing in my sketchbook of a woman with various colored spheres.  Then for some reason a veil across her face seemed to add mystery to the lovely lady.  I decided that she would become the center of the quilt.

With brush in hand a form began to appear then a flower stem rose from the bottom of the piece.  As I painted the face then the sphere the colors for the objects almost selected themselves. While yellow is my favorite color I decided that perhaps I should begin with its compliment - purple.  The large sphere would bear the color of royalty with the mysterious lady's eyes captured the color of emeralds.  She would have large beautiful eyes that peered over the veil covering her slight smile indicating she had a mysterious secret.

Her blue veil gave a hint of the sky above the garden where she spends most of her time reflecting on its beauty.  The colorful hues dance in the breeze as ballerinas sway with the notes of a musical telling a story of love.  Using silk flowers from my stash of recycled bouquets I decorated around her face.  Now they are ready to be stitched then I will need to decide what I will use to create the centers.  Rather than felting the centers I am thinking I might use crystals. 
Once this is completed it will be in the auction at International Quilt Houston.  Perhaps you could be the proud owner!
Time to get back to working on my Painting Class assignment for class tomorrow.  I will be painting a self portrait from photographs I had taken this week.  This is an exciting semester for me.  I love to paint and am looking forward to learning many new techniques.  Our first assignment is the self-portrait without using a brush!  Love my instructor.  He is so talented and has already shared many good ideas.