Saturday, October 23, 2010


This is my project today. I am getting ready for International Quilt Houston.

Using snippets and bits I love to create fabric then transform it for use in various projects. Today I am making quilt squares.

The snippets and bits are the "trash" from other projects. I save the smallest bits of threads, fabrics, silk florals, glitter, lace and any other item that would otherwise end up in the trash.

As I work on a project I keep a ziplock taped to the table and just drop all the snippets in it as I go. Once it is full I zip it up, toss it into a tote, take another ziplock and start to fill it. This keeps my snippets separated by color just in case I want to make a certain color of fused fabric.

Using a bonding technique with Steam-A-Seam2 I then bond all the little snippets onto unbleached muslin. Once I have finished making the square of fabric (usually a 18 inch square) I lay it aside until I need a piece of fabric for a project.

The 18 inch squares can be cut into various shapes or sized. The following are quilt blocks I am making from some of my stash of fused fabrics.

As you can see the larger 18 inch pieces have been cut into smaller pieces then used to create a square for a quiltlet.

This is the piece I posted previously. It is almost completed. The hand dyed velvet edging needs handsewn on the edges then it will be finished.

The backing is is a coordinated fabric that I sewed the small fused pieces onto. Since the fused fabrics consist of several layers no quilt batting is necessary. It is naturally padded. I sewed along the edges of each small fused piece thus no extra quilting is needed either.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


.....abound. Tracie and I spent the weekend sewing madly creating items from her new line of fabrics that will be unveiled at International Quilt Market - Houston later this month.

Here is a sneak peak of her "Nature Inspired" fabric line. FabShop News Trade Magazine has dedicated a whole editorial page in their latest issue highlighting two of Windham Fabrics new lines....Tracie Lyn and Paige Stanley Miller were the honored designers.

Those of you who are going to International Quilt Market Houston must stop by and say hello.

Tracie's fabrics are as beautiful as the paintings she creates. Now you can make yourself a throw pillow, apron and many other projects using her lovely designs.

Way to go Tracie!!!! I am VERY proud of you and know you have worked VERY hard!

Much Love!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Week in Paradise

In September 2010 Tracie and I had the privilege of teaching in Orvieto, Italy at an event organized by Adventures in Italy (Bill and Kristin Steiner). After arriving in Rome we rode a train to a most captivating town located high on a plateau. As it appeared on the horizon we were in awe of its beautifully ageless architecture. Orvieto took our hearts and minds back hundreds of years while our eyes absorbed the artistic creations spanning generations of a people that love their heritage. Every street and building was a tribute to the past. It was apparent that loving hands had cared for every stone, door and design in tribute to the ancestors who had painstakingly carved each one.

Not only did Bill and Kristin greet us with open arms of friendship but every person we met along our journey did the same. Smiles accompanied Italian greetings sprinkled with broken English as each Orvieto native aided us in finding our way around the city.

Passing through the enormous gates to Instituto San Lodovico involked a peace beyond description. As we entered I turned to Tracie and said, "I feel as though I am entering heaven." That peacefulness filled my heart the entire week.

Each day of the week the students and us spent time in the studio creating then toured the city to explore and marvel at its history and beauty. Bill and Kristin planned an activity every day. These included cooking with a famous chef, touring a vineyard, shopping at the market and, of course, eating Italian cusine.

Saying goodbye to the view from our window left us sad yet filled with gratitude that we shared this experience together.

We hugged one another then with tears in our eyes we whispered, "Farewell", to the city that had captured our hearts.

As the week came to a close, Tracie and I were invited to return in 2012. Needless to say we are thrilled at the possiblity of returning to this paradise. Going to Italy was a dream we never thought possible. Now to think of returning is exciting to say the least. We would love to have you join us. If you have ever wanted to see the creations of the Great Masters this is the perfect opportunity! Make plans now to ensure you will be part of this adventure.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you.

Marylin and Tracie Lyn