Saturday, October 23, 2010


This is my project today. I am getting ready for International Quilt Houston.

Using snippets and bits I love to create fabric then transform it for use in various projects. Today I am making quilt squares.

The snippets and bits are the "trash" from other projects. I save the smallest bits of threads, fabrics, silk florals, glitter, lace and any other item that would otherwise end up in the trash.

As I work on a project I keep a ziplock taped to the table and just drop all the snippets in it as I go. Once it is full I zip it up, toss it into a tote, take another ziplock and start to fill it. This keeps my snippets separated by color just in case I want to make a certain color of fused fabric.

Using a bonding technique with Steam-A-Seam2 I then bond all the little snippets onto unbleached muslin. Once I have finished making the square of fabric (usually a 18 inch square) I lay it aside until I need a piece of fabric for a project.

The 18 inch squares can be cut into various shapes or sized. The following are quilt blocks I am making from some of my stash of fused fabrics.

As you can see the larger 18 inch pieces have been cut into smaller pieces then used to create a square for a quiltlet.

This is the piece I posted previously. It is almost completed. The hand dyed velvet edging needs handsewn on the edges then it will be finished.

The backing is is a coordinated fabric that I sewed the small fused pieces onto. Since the fused fabrics consist of several layers no quilt batting is necessary. It is naturally padded. I sewed along the edges of each small fused piece thus no extra quilting is needed either.

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robin dudley-howes said...

Oh these look cool Marilyn. Have fun at the quilt show.