Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fibre & Stitch Premier Issue

I simply had to make a post regarding the first issue of Fibre & Stitch that is now available from Sue Bleiweiss and her staff. What a super job they have done to capture work of some very talented artists!

My darling daughter-in-law, Tracie Lyn has an article on Mixed Media Integration. As many of you are aware Tracie does some beautiful creations through collage and painting.

Then a terrific interview with one of Tracie Lyn and my artist friends, Shari Beaubien. Shari creates beautiful heartfelt works that demonstrates a true passion for life!

Sue Bleiweiss, shares painting ideas. Sue is a very giving and lovely person. For those of you who haven't discovered her, she constantly shares ideas and techniques. Her work is lovely and very creative!

Also, included are many of your favorite artists. Their work is beautiful and so unique! Very detailed descriptions of the processes and lovely pictures!

If you haven't yet subscribed to Fibre & Stitch, you are missing out! This first issue is so full of ideas that each of you fiber artists will be amazed! Please check out Fiber and Stitch's site and sign up for this creative publication! It will be the best $29.95 you can spend!


MargaretR said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying Fibre and Stitch. How lucky for you to have such a talented DiL who shares your interests. I have 2 lovely ones, but neither enjoys crafts unfortunately, but they do appreciate what I do.

Sue B said...

Thanks for the great review Marylin! I am happy to hear that you're enjoying the issue :)

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

HERE HERE... Fibre&Stitch is just OUTSTANDING...

THANK YOU sweet Marylin for your kind compliments and I have to agree with the quality of this zine... WONDERFUL!


Maija said...

Once I read that Tracie was in it, I ordered it right away! It's on my desktop and I have only had a chance to peruse it, but it looks splendid.

Barbara said...

miss your blogging warm regards barbara