Sunday, October 07, 2007

Day 1 at Art and Soul Portland

Where to begin!! Tracie Lyn and I arrived at Art & Soul Portland on Tuesday evening and checked in to the hotel. It was beautiful! We stayed at The Embassey Suites. Once we had our things in our room we headed down to the Art & Soul office to check in and to get our teacher's packets. Cindy and Glenny welcomed us with VERY big smiles and we knew right away this was going to be a FANTASTIC experience! Cindy and Glenny made us feel right at home. They were helpful and told us how happy they were that we were there!

Once we were checked in we went to dinner, then headed to our room to get ready for the first day of class. It was the Fiber Fusion Journal House class. We were so anxious to share the technique of blending paper, thread, yarn, and fabric together in a fusion to create a beautiful palette of color and texture!

When Wednesday arrived we were excited to meet our students and have a day of fun!

As each student arrived with a big smile we were ready to begin. The fun and laughter started immediately and continued throughout the day!

Here is a picture of Suki and her journal house.

Isn't it beautiful!

Di made a lovely house with a Christmas theme. I love the kitties on the fabric!

Joyce made her journal with a bird on the front.

Isn't it lovely?!!!

Neinah's house also has a bird on it!

How beautiful!

Ruth made a beautiful Journal House with tiny vines climbing on the walls.

How beautiful!!!

We were sad to see the day end! What a GREAT day it had been! It was full of FUN, LAUGHTER AND CREATIVITY!

Later that evening Di took Tracie Lyn and me shopping - What a way for a girl to end the day!!!

As we chatted late into the night reliving the WONDERFUL experiences of the day, we could hardly wait for tomorrow when we would be teaching our Fused Fragments Extended Journal Class!!!

More later on Day 2 at Art & Soul Portland!


Sue B said...

your students did fabulous work! Sounds like you're having a great time!

Anonymous said...

Your students' art looks fabulous! Each is so unique and beautiful! A true product of great teachers and talented students.