Sunday, October 14, 2007

And the Fun Goes On and On.....

Day 2 at Art & Soul proved to keep the fun rolling. As Tracie Lyn and I headed off to breakfast we were excited to begin our second day teaching. Today was the Fused Fragments Extended Journal Class. This is always a fun class to teach as we share the technique of fusing fabrics to cover a journal. And the landscape shape proves a super palette for creating nature's view.

The students arrived excited and ready to go. As they began to create their own color palettes the colors came alive! Each student had combined fibers of paper, yarns, ribbon, fabrics and papers in some of the most interesting and vivid blendings that you could imagine. The eye candy was FANTASTIC!

I wanted to share the pictures of the Beautiful creations these talented artists created during our day of fun and laughter! Enjoy!!!!

This is Linda's beautiful picture of her favorite island.

Betsy did a beautiful fall theme and is going to use her journal in a long vertical fashion.

Just look at Gail's beautiful creation. She did some sewing on hers.

Lisa created a beautiful journal in the most fantasic pink color and put lots of ribbons on the side.

This beautiful journal of Jerrilynn's is very sparkly and had a wonderful bright palette.

Merne captured leaves on her beautiful journal and used a large print as the background.

Aren't these artists just the greatest? We had so much fun sharing ideas and again it was said to see the day of teaching end.

However, our day continued as Tracie Lyn and I took Mary Stanley's class on making felted beads. The class was a great way for us to end our day. I had never tried felting so I truly enjoyed learning this technique. I will definitely use it more. And Mary is a Fantastic teacher!

Sadly we bid good night to all as we headed to our room to pack and prepare for the return home. As we drifted to sleep we talked about the wonderful experiences we had at Art & Soul, the fantastic people we had met, and the eager students that were great!

We WILL be back!! And Cindy and Glenny? Well, they each were the kindess and best organizers. They are truly TOPS!!!

Thanks to all of the students, Cindy, Glenny, DI for taking us shopping, Suki for getting my purse to me, and Ruth - Your husband and son are the greatest!!!

All of you helped make this a SUPER experience!


Maija said...

The class must have been wonderful! Lucky students to spend the day with you and Tracie!
Have fun at ArtFeiberFest!!

Barbara said...

I think you have had much fun with your students! Wonderful artwork!

sammy said...

Am so glad I got to at least meet up with you for a short time... I never could find you and Tracie... so was awesome to see you the last morning I was there... Hopefully next time it will be longer! hugs,