Sunday, July 06, 2008


Introducing Ma'Dam Bags !

During the winter I love to knit. It is relaxing and can be set aside to finished later. Since I have practically every skein of yarn that is available I am always seek ways to use it for creating something. I decided to take a skein of inexpensive worsted yarn and combine it with a skein of a special designer yarn and just knit a row until all was used.

This provided various sizes of rectangles that I needed to use for something. Since I love making purses I decided what better way to use than to make purses. I call my purse creations - "Ma'Dam Bag".

I love bright vibrant colors so I used various fabrics from my stash. It was fun selecting just the right print for each knitted creation.

Here are some of the bags I have completed.

Yellow is my favorite color. This bag is really fun with specks of colors hidden beneath the fuzzy yellow.

Hot pink - FUN- EXCITING -and of course, it has a small splash of yellow within the chucky yarn that is combined with the hot pink eyelash to give a fuzzy look. The fun lining reveals hearts with designs of yellow and bright green. This is definitely a bag to accent an otherwise plain outfit or blue denim jeans.

Aqua is always a color for any special occasion. It looks GREAT with black, white, navy, yellow, grey and numerous other colors. It has a lining that is very whimsical with the stars and swirls. Since I am a lover of fantasy this bag stirs my imagination to a vision of fairies or other WONDERFULLY whimsical creatures.

A little more on the conservative side this brown and mauve purse makes a wonderful accent to a suit or jeans. It captures the beautiful tones of autumn and winter and the lining is one of my favorite fabrics. It is a batik that has accents that give the appearance of trees and other follage.

The red orange color of the bag is just the right splash of color for a plain outfit that you want to give a little pizzaz! The colorful lining is a bright combination of red, orange and yellow.

All the bags are one-of-a-kind originals. They are fun and softly feminine.

I am placing them in my etsy shop. For those of you who have been fans and customers for a long time I want to thank you for your patience. It has been forever since I got anything placed in my etsy shop. Since my mother became ill and passed away I haven't been able to get anything in my etsy shop. I just wanted to say "Thank You" for continually visiting my blog and for emails inquiring about when I would be getting items in etsy.

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deb said...

Tres, tres cool, Marilyn! Love the colours.

Deb xo