Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Autumn Splendor

During my teaching travels the leaves on the trees in our backyard began to change. My dear husband took some lovely pictures for me so I would not miss seeing the splendor of the autumn colors. This is the view I see as I gaze out my kitchen window.

Here is our lovely patio in the autumn.

And who could forget the MIGHTY OAK?

I stand tall overlooking this wondrous meadow
Watching nature unfold her beauty,
As I see the animals enjoy the warmth of the sun
During these final days before Winter's snow covers the ground.

The colors around me create a landscape vibrant and alive
Where all Nature's splendor is captured in the morning sunlight.
As evening approaches the birds began to rest among my branches
Looking for warmth and comfort from the chilly night.

The dew gathers on my leaves and glistens in the moonlight
Like diamonds and pearls on soft gentle skin.
The wind stirs my leaves to fall upon the ground where..
They gather and cover the earth like a blanket.

As my branches sway in the breeze
I whisper softly "Sleep, my precious meadow,
For the pure white snow will soon cover you until
Spring when you will awake - vibrant and colorful
Once again."

Gently the last leave falls.

1 comment:

Maija said...

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos! I miss seeing the colors change in the Fall.
I'll be thinking of you, with love, so much over the next few weeks!