Friday, November 16, 2007

From Dream to Reality.......

Twenty years ago my husband and I built our dream home but as with most who build we found that we couldn't have all the wonderful things we had envisioned. We had a son in college, one in high school, and one in middle school. That meant that we needed to put some of the dreams on hold until a later time.

This past year that "later time" arrived. We decided that we would start working on our house and little by little incorporate some of our dreams. One big one for me was a newer, more modern kitchen. One for my husband was to finish our basement and to have a recreation room that our children could enjoy when they visit. Well, my husband began to work on fulfilling my dream first. He began the remodel on the kitchen just about a year ago. Then due to many problems encountered and his health the kitchen remodel took several months. It was finally finished late this past summer.

Due to Tracie Lyn and my teaching travels I haven't had an opportunity, until now, to post pictures of this absolutely beautiful room. It has far exceeded my dream. It has all the wonderful things I had envisioned and many more. I want to share these pictures and to say "Thank you" to my husband for enduring the many months of challenges in completing this project.

This is the view as you enter the kitchen from the living room. The lovely granite counter top is accented by the medium oak of the cabinets and the ceramic tile on the wall behind the kitchen sink. Looking out the window I can see our beautiful wooded area and meadow shown in my previous post on autumn. I gaze upon the Mighty Oak tree.

This is the view of the island with my precious Jim Shore rooster purchased from Willow Brook. (Our youngest son's store). As you can see we have the most fantastic view out the windows in the eating area. We watch deer, racoons, turkeys and other animals on a daily basis. It is so relaxing to sit and watch the birds flying freely back and forth.

Another view of the eating area.

A view from the eating area looking at the side of the island toward the sink.

This shows a better view of the pantry cabinets. Yes, they are ceiling to floor and run the full length of the kitchen. I love them!

Next week I will cook my first Thanksgiving dinner in this BEAUTIFUL room! I have two ovens so I can have Tom baking in one and pies in the other. I am very excited about this.

This is a wonderful dream come true! Somehow "Thank you" just doesn't seem enough to say but I don't know any other words except to say, "Thank you, my dear husband, for making my dream a reality!"

Now we need to work on YOUR DREAM - the REC ROOM!


Maija said...

Absolutely glorious, Marylin! Is that a wicked-cool double drawer dishwasher? And 2 ovens? You have a little piece of heaven!

StegArt said...

How lucky you are. It's a beautiful kitchen and your husband did a marvelous job.

sammy said...

Oh my gosh... what a absolutely beautiful room! I certainly would do more cooking in there! thanks for sharing it with us... That would be a dream room!

Lori S-C said...

That is one gorgeous kitchen! I would dream of having one like that someday!

Kimla Kay said...

What a gorgeously warm kitchen!! I love it and wish I was there drinking something warm with you!