Sunday, June 03, 2007

Spring's Inspiration!!!

Sun is shining and birds are singing.

I love the spring!

It has such a fresh and alive feeling about it!

Looking at the flowers blooming in my garden inspired me for the folders I am making to send to Tracie.

As always Nala is "helping" me create. Since she arrived on March 1 my life has not been the same. Nala is very playful and of course my room is a super place to play! When I am working with sheers or ribbons Nala literally jumps right into the action, as you can see.

Then when I need to do the final touches such as adding the flowers and ephemera on the folders she want to lay on the folders. What a helper!!

She has added a lot of joy to my life!

Folder cover is finally finished! (With Nala's help, of course.)

I hope you like the new look on my blog. With all the things I have had to wrap up since I lost Mom I have been very behind. Hopefully, I can now keep you updated on my art events and post more artful candy for your eyes to enjoy!


Dianne said...

This is really beautiful! Love the colours!!! Nala is one mischievous looking kitty...
(p.s. - thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog)

Maija said...

It breaks my heart to think you are now just moving ahead and catching up since your mom passed away. I know you have put on a happy face and moved forward, but I can understand, I think, how her death holds you back a bit.