Monday, June 04, 2007


Here are two of my favorite pictures created using fiber fusion:

This first picture I call "Sea Beauty" as it reminds me of life beneath the sea. A beauty that floats with the current yet is mostly left unseen by the human eye. Notice how the one long leaf seems to be brushing the eye of the beautiful sea creature. It is made of various yarns, fabric and peacock feathers on a black velvet background. I had to take the picture unframed as the glass was reflecting and the details were not apparent. When framed it will be in an 11 x 14 plain black frame.

This picture is also on a black velvet background and will be in an 11 x 14 plain black frame. I call it "Eye of the Storm". The center reminds me if the center of a hurricane. The sequins on the sheer fabric look like the stars in the clear sky beyond the storms reach. The yarns create the sweeping circle surrounding the eye. It is made of fabrics, yarns and sparkly trim.

These are completed journals that I need to get on my etsy shop. Those of you that visit often know that I am waaaayyyy behind. Every since losing my mom I seem to have so many things to catch up on. Getting etsy updated is one of the items that has suffered. I am hoping to get these new items on there this week so I hope you will keep checking or at least check on the items later this week.

I seem to sell what I make as soon as it is completed and have some difficulty getting extras made for etsy.

These are but a few of the journals that I will be adding.

The star on the journal is actually a metal star that I embedded into my fusion. Love to create new items into the fusion! What fun!!!

These next two larger journals are actually altered composition books using a fiber fusion techique.

It is a fun technique and really gives a terrific look to an otherwise boring book. What a great gift for teens and college students!

This next pic is just a grouping of many of the journals together.

Please stop by again. I love hearing from all of you!

Happy Creating!!!!



Dianne said...

Hi Marylin. I love both pieces, but especially like Sea Beauty. The peacock feathers look beautiful and the black velvet background really makes the colours alive. And those journals look fantastic, especially all grouped together.

Jo Wholohan said...

Lovely work Marylin!! Thank you for your comments on my blog :))

Ro Bruhn said...

Great little journals and I love the first piece of art, such fabulous colour.
Thanks for visiting my blog

Maija said...

OMG, I can't wait for my class with you!!

Judy Rys said...

Love the colors in Sea Beauty. Very calming.