Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Wheggies of Willowbrook

Today I want to introduce the Wheggies to all of you. These are little angel fairies that I feel are ever present in our world. I hope you enjoy meeting them. Please feel free to leave me a comment regarding how you feel about the Wheggies. I will be posting short stories about them from time to time. I hope you enjoy the pictures of these small creatures. I have created these angel fairies so that you can see what I envision these lovely beings look like in their various surroundings.

Who Are The Wheggies of Willowbrook?

In all the land that is near, Wheggies scurry about spreading joy, happiness, beauty, and love. Wheggies are small angel fairies present everywhere. They are various colors and no two Wheggies look alike. Individuality plays an important part in the role of a Wheggie with its name being indicative of the function it performs. Each instinctively knows its purpose and immediately pursues its daily tasks with vigor and purity of heart.

While all humans enjoy the fruits of the Wheggies’ labor, rarely are they aware of the Wheggies’ presence. Often the only time a human will experience awareness of a Wheggie’s presence is when a slight touch is felt but nothing is seen, or a gentle drop of moisture falls unexplained upon the check. The slight touch that tickles the skin is a Wheggie’s wing brushing gently as it swishes past. The moisture drop is the gentle kiss of a Wheggie.

Words cannot describe the feelings of joy and happiness within a human that the loving, caring nature a Wheggie creates. It matters not whether a human is blind, crippled, or deaf because the love of a Wheggie is “felt” not seen touched or heard. A Wheggie can only be felt within the human heart and can never be duplicated.

Some Wheggies go about their tasks during the day while others work under the cover of the darkness of night. Regardless, a Wheggie always sleeps in a willow tree beside a babbling brook. During the nighttime hours the leaves of the willow surrounds the sleeping Wheggie like a curtain of moonbeams. And as the Wheggies of the night sleep during the daylight hours the willow creates a gently curtain of shade protecting them from the bright sunlight.

From time to time humans lose pieces of treasured jewelry that go unfound no matter how diligent the search. When a Wheggie discovers a lost treasure it places the cherished gem in its hair or on its garment. It is considered the ultimate act of love to rescue a lost gem. The Wheggie wears the gem forever with pride and joy.

When a Wheggie flies about the land, the fullness of its hair creates a breeze that blows gently to assist the bees and other insects as they move about. The hair is a distinguishing mark of a Wheggie and flows about it like a soft cloud floating in the sky. The Wheggie’s garment, hair and wings reflect the colors surrounding it as it works, thus enabling it to blend and remain unseen. The gem it wears reflects sunbeams creating a prism of color. Clouds capture the colors, and then transform the colors into a beautiful rainbow one sees following the rain.

There are times when a Wheggie becomes ill from various hazards in the environment. When this happens all Wheggies gather together and pray for a speedy recovery. As they cry tears of sadness for their friend, the tears form raindrops that fall to the earth. The falling tears nourish the plants and quench the animals’ thirst. This gift of rain created by a Wheggie’s love for a cherished friend provides a way for the Wheggie to share the gift of friendship. The trees bow in admiration exposing the underneath of each leaf enabling it to absorb the raindrops as they fall to the earth. Animals drink from the streams where the tears gather to receive nourishment after the sun pushes the clouds away. The sun then smiles upon the earth bringing warmth and comfort to the Wheggies. As the sun touches their wings the Wheggies bask in the joy of knowing that love and happiness continues to spread aimlessly about the land. They fly happily about giving thanks that their friend is well.

Wheggies labor relentlessly to ensure that flowers, fruits and trees display their deepest colors and fragrances. They enjoy watching the insects, animals and children at play. Laughter is a song to their ears and brings warmth to their tiny hearts. They know the feelings they share are also felt deep within all creatures that roam the earth. The beauty of the land forms the basis for a pallet where the various colors come together and blend creating a beautiful canvas.

So, as you smell the sweetness of a breeze, see a beautiful flower, or admire the twinkle of a star, think about all the Wheggies working in harmony and synchronized in the feelings of love. Don’t brush away the tickle felt on your arm; don’t wipe away the gentle drop of moisture on your cheek. Instead, you should smile and enjoy the warmness in your heart as you have been touched or kissed by a Wheggie as it passed closely by you.

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Bimbimbie said...

Love your hardworking Wheegies *!*

Sue B said...

I think these are wonderful!

Ro Bruhn said...

What fascinating little Wheegies, thanks also for visiting my blog


woof nanny said...

Wow. A lot of detail and originality! Amazing.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It's always nice to 'see' new faces :)

Alis said...

What a wonderful world you conjure up.
I'm so glad I stopped by.
The Wheegies are beautiful.

Hugs, Alis

Angelcat said...

LOVE your faeries, they are beautiful!

MargaretR said...

Your Wheggies are lovely Marylin. I can feel one of them on my shoulder just now actually.

katie said...

your wheegies are delightful - and what a fun word to say too! thank you for your visit to my blog; i look forward to seeing and saying hi to you and tracie at artunraveled!

Micki said...

The Wheggies are really lovely. I love the story behind them.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and the nice comment.

Mary G. said...

I love your story and the Wheegies themselves. Now, when will you do a class so we can all enjoy having them near us?

Dianne said...

Marylin, such a beautiful story!! I think your little Wheggies are gorgeous!! I will have to plant a willow tree, so they can come and live at my place.....

sammy said...

Oh I love your story about the Wheggies! Hope you put some up for sale or trade... I would love to have one come to my home..