Friday, June 15, 2007

Heart Card Swap

Here I am creating my 4x4 Heart cards for the swap hosted by Elise Buskey. I am having so much fun with this project. As with all my work, I simply must include fabric and fibers on the project somewhere.

I decided to cut my watercolor paper into 4x8 pieces using scissors with a decorative blade to create a shaped edge. Once all the pieces were cut,I painted them with purple metalic acrylic paint using a crumpled paper towel. On top of the dried purple paint I dabbed silver metalic paint using another crumpled paper towel. This was random to create a pattern of purple and silver.

Of course now the fabric comes into play. Using the fiber techiques Tracie and I teach in our classes I made this beautiful piece of fabric.

I cut a heart template from a piece of watercolor paper scrap and began cutting fabric hearts. Each card will have a large heart on the front then I will make a tiny heart to put on the back.

Using a satin stitch on the machine I sewed the hearts to the watercolor paper. Under the pointed edge of the heart I placed strands of yarns and ribbon. I haven't decided whether to leave these dangle as is or if I should put some beads on them. Guess time will dictate that decision.

The final step was to fold the card in half to create the 4x4 size for the swap and stitch the edges together. Once I have all of them completed I will punch holes in the left side so Elise can bind them in her book.

I can hardly wait to see all the beautiful cards that everyone will be making for the swap.


Barbara said...

wonderful and thanks for the tutorial!

Maija said...

OMG, Marylin, those pages are beautiful! I love how you integrate fabric and paper. I can't wait for my class with you and Tracie!!