Saturday, July 04, 2009


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Best Wishes for a safe and joyous Independence Day! Hope you are able to spend time with family or friends or attend a big public celebration.

We will be spending a relaxing day with a few friends and our youngest son and his friend. Our eldest son and Tracie aren't here this year because they will be visiting soon and they needed a weekend of relaxation. Our other son is on his way to Afghanistan.

He wrote yesterday to wish us a Happy 4th and to let us know that he was in Romania. He has a short tour this time but as many of you parents are aware that does not lessen the danger. I pray for his and all our other troops' safe returns.

In my younger years I did not really pay much attention to the meaning of this day but time has shown me how precious the meaning of today. Living in this great country is a privilege that was not much realized by me until 9/11, my husband serving in Desert Storm then my husband and son serving together in Iraqi Freedom. I now have a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made by all who serve.....whether it be the troops or the families at home. The brothers, sisters, moms, dads and children both on the front lines and at home have given so much for the betterment of others.

Please take a minute today to remember all those who have died fighting for the freedom of others and those who are far from home and loved ones. Say a prayer for their safe return and for the success of the mission they so bravely serve.

Say a prayer for the families at home....the children awaiting parents to return....the parents awaiting children to return.



Anonymous said...

Sweet Marylin...loved your comments re: Independence Day...I, too, love my Soldier. How is Cassie? I have been thinking of you all this week. Love, Patty W.

Anonymous said...

happy 4th July. i hope your son is safe and well during his tour of duty

Snowbear said...

Spouses and mothers are many times our unsung heroes. Thanks for all of your service - your husband, your son and you!