Monday, July 06, 2009

Cassie is Home!

We got to bring our precious Cassie Kitty home today. She has improved much but still needs to eat more. We are so very happy to have her home again.

She has wandered through the entire house.....every room...every special place she likes to lay and.....the screened in porch where she likes to watch the birds.

"Look Mom. See my boo boo. This is where Doc Ron stuck me with a needle. It hurt!"

Cassie held her little paw up for the pic.

I will miss her in my studio but never as much as I was missing her this past couple of weeks. I am so VERY grateful that she is on the mend.

THANKS to ALL of you who have sent me messages of good wishes and asking how Cassie was doing! I APPRECIATE ALL of you, my FRIENDS!!!



Doreen G said...

Yehaw Marylin and doesn't she look happy to be home.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

YEAH!!! She is finally home.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home, gave your Mom and Dad a scare, and a few friends, as well. Marylin, I am so happy Cassie is safe and sound and back in your sweet home. Love, Patty and Bill

Denise S. said...

I was so afraid to ask about her but its so wonderful to know she is back home with you.

Summerset said...

Awww. Glad she's home. I hope she continues to recover well.

Lori S-C said...

Yay! Good news that Cassie is home!

Christine Merritt said...

Cassie is a beautiful girl, how wonderful to know she is loved and cared for by so many... I am happy that she is home and on the road to recovery.