Thursday, December 31, 2009

Discover Italy in the Fall.......

by joining Tracie and me on a FABULOUS Adventure.

Every day spent in Italy is one filled with new discoveries and this coming fall will be no exception. We will enjoy an architectural tour of historic building styles evident in nearly every street in Orvieto. This will offer a rare look at the vast layers hiding beneath many common sites in town. Layers of history will be revealed before your eyes. You will see Estrucan sites from 600 BC that were eventually taken over by the Romans. Elaborate mosaic floors in excellent condition will enable you to imagine what a Roman temple may have been like. Christians followed and took parts and pieces of this historic past then reconstructed a church, adding even more layers. Feeling and seeing this historical site will make a vivid impression on you for years to come.

Orvieto is a welcoming town with an architectural style than can only be absorbed through the experience of being there, touching and smelling the air.

Gardens and ancient walkways will capture your heart and senses. The plants growing freely on the landscape will present a visual delight.

Shopping at the market provides a discover of lucious foods and wines to enjoy. This will be experienced as we cook and eat the Italian way.

Tracie and I invite you to enjoy and discover with us on our Adventure In Italy this September. Visit Kirstin and Bill Steiner's website for all the details. Space is limited to enable the experience to be one of personal one-on-one learning and quaintness. I encourage you to not wait to get signed up for this experience.

See you in Italy!

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