Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Heart Was Touched By An Angel......

when I received an unexpected phone call from an acquaintance.

As many of you know my mother passed two years ago the day after Thanksgiving. Well, yesterday I received a very unexpected phone call from one of her friends. I only met this friend a couple of times but I knew my mom thought a lot of her and truly valued their friendship. Her name is Norma.

She called me to let me know that she had been thinking of me and knew that the holidays were a difficult time for me. She wanted to let me know that she missed mom also. She shared some of the good times they had together with friends shopping, playing board games and bingo. She told me how my mom was always thoughtful and giving to those she knew were less fortunate than her or those who had no one. My mom would always make sure they got some little something for Christmas. One part that touched me deeply is that I knew my mom truly cared about others....especially children.

When I hung up the phone with tears welling in my eyes I said a "Thank You" to God as I needed that phone call. Norma was correct I do miss my mom a lot during the holidays and Norma is the Angel that touched my heart and I could see why mom called her "Friend"!


Doreen G said...

Marylin I felt so happy for you when I read this post.
God works in mysterious ways and your mothers friend was his way of sending you a message from her.
You sure have been blessed.

Veleta (Sammy) said...

what a awesome gift of love from your mom's friend and how you must have felt the love your mom has! totally awesome! Made my heart tingle for my mom who has been gone over 40 years, but never far from my heart!
Merry Christmas Marylin!

Apifera Farm said...

How sweet, and a good reminder to all - it's okay to bring up people that have passed, and it can mean THE WORLD to those of us earth bounded. I'm so touched for you - when a woman came to our Pie Day this summer, she told me how much she loved my dad when he had volunteered at her gallery - I had no idea she had worked there, and her stories about him moved me to tears, but I know how much I loved it, like he was at Pie Day with me. So that friend gave you such a gift. Happy New Year.

Maija said...

What a wonderful way to remember and celebrate your mom! Holdidays are so tough aren't they???