Sunday, August 16, 2009

Art Unraveled and Sharing Time with Friends!

Spent last week at FABULOUS Art Unraveled! It was a time for creating where an atmosphere of talent and friendships filled the air. Linda, Chuck, Lori and all the other helpers made this an event to remember.

Started with an evening event for "Meet The Artists". Once the table was ready and the doors opened many friendly faces and smiles greeted me and warmed my heart. Hugs and sharing stories since last we met, students and friends surrounded me enjoying the time to visit and reminiscing on memories of times shared.

The next morning it was time to teach a class on the "Painted Nature Pendent". This was a great beginning for the week of teaching classes. The students were eager to learn, loaded with talent..... anxious to share laughter and fun for the day. Here are the BEAUTIFUL results! WOW! Tracie and I are so proud!

Thursday began relaxing at breakfast followed by a meeting with the INchie Divas so I could give them the journal I had made each of them.

We headed out to do some shopping and ended up at Mystic Paper! What a store!

Kim and Jennifer are terrific! The store is AMAZING!

Around the top of the store are vintage photos of their families. CAPTIVATING! Love this store. If you get to Phoenix it is well worth a trip for shopping.

After dinner it was time for the "Petite Painted Portrait" class. This class was ready to spend the evening creating and showed up to class with a lot of enthusiasm. As the evening progressed we watched these talented artists create a collection of BEAUTIFUL tiny works of art! Look for yourselves!

Friday came and we took the day slow. Didn't have a class until evening so we visited a couple of places in Phoenix then went to have lunch with friends. Visited with friends the rest of the afternoon before getting ready to teach our evening class. As students arrived they were anxious to begin creating and the results of the class speaks for itself. Look at the "Petite Vintage Journals" created by these wonderful artists!

As we hugged students, friends, Linda and all her crew we bid them a fond farewell until next year.

We were leaving quite early on Saturday to return to our midwestern homes.

Sad to be leaving our friends yet excited because my middle son was returning from Afghanistan an hour after Tracie and I would arrive home! The ending to a fun filled week!


House of Hullabaloo said...

That is my favorite store too!

Lorri Scott said...

Your classes seem intriguing and the students work is wonderul. I was looking at Art & Soul class schedule, saw your nature one and thought maybe I'd sign up but I'm teaching that same day. Darn this keeps happening! One of these retreats perhaps I'll get to take a class from you guys, sure want to .

Lorri Scott

Anonymous said...

Hi glad your son is home safely....what a wonderful homecoming. God bless you all, and enjoy being with your family. Love, Patty W. P.S. We have a new baby here....he weights 4lbs, 6oz., and he has curly black hair. He's a teacup Poodle named Angus!!! Call me if you are coming to town and I will bring him in to meet you! xoxox

Jennifer and Kim said...

Thanks so much for coming to visit us at our store. It was so much fun getting to meet you and Tracie!

paperbird said...

I had the best time taking yours and Tracies class at Art Unraveled. You are both amazing teachers- so inspirational and kind.