Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well, I have always believed in "better late than never" and this post is surely a testimony to that belief. My sincere apologies to my dear and wonderful readers and commentors. I am so late with posting the August winner for the prize. No excuse... just can say life has interfered with my blogging lately.

The winner is "paperbird" and if she will send me her snail mail address I will mail the prize. There is a print of Monet's "The Water-Lily Pond", Vintage pictures and buttons, one of my fused papers, one of my fused fabrics and an altered notebook. I hope you enjoy this small appreciation for visiting my blog.

Please see the upper right had of my blog regarding my monthly drawings. I will be doing a special drawing in December for those who have been an faithful follower during this year.

THANKS Paperbird for visiting!

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Ann Bell said...

"Better Late than Never" is almost my middle name. I TOTALLY understand! And you are giving it, by the way. You are so generous.