Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Nature's Gift

Nature's gift - freely given...beauty beyond description...colorful and totally encompassing.

As I wander thru my garden I marvel at the smallest blossom, the tiny insects and a color pallet where no matter the color it blends perfectly with the surroundings.

The flowers grow slowly and perfectly as though a hand is guiding their every twist and turn.

The sun sparkles on each leaf and petal as if to kiss them ... Oh, so softly!

The wind moves the stems creating a dance stirring the botanicals to life!

Even the smallest worm that crawls upon the ground provides movement to the roots so they can breathe.

Rain...the gift of life to these lovely growths..falls gently upon the plants as they thirst for more.

I reach down and turn a rock...beneath is a toad resting comfortably..feeling safe and secure.

The smell floating in the air is sweet and pure...providing a fragrance that is captivating to my senses.

Birds are singing..each its own melody...yet creating a song that has perfect harmony as all the melodies blend together.

Looking to the sky I watch the clouds floating gently by...swaying in rhythm with each and every sound I hear.

Blessed am I.....fills my thoughts...thoughts that warm my heart with love...

Love for the gift I have been given...

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