Sunday, July 30, 2006

ArtFest 2007

Teesha's information on ArtFest 2007 is ON LINE!!! Tiphoni has done an absolutely AWESOME job!!!!!! The site looks GREAT! I can hardly wait. Tracie and I have attended every year since Teesha and Tracey started planning this WONDERFUL experience. Lucky SEVEN!!! I so look forward to this experience every year and this year is no exception! The only thing that makes this year even more special is that my daughter-in-law Tracie and I will be teaching a class! We are sooo excited to share this fusion technique with everyone at ArtFest. We have been frantically getting more journals together so we can share them. We are having so much fun planning the class and gathering goodies for everyone in our class. I am getting my first experience at drying flowers because I want to share some of these wonderful botanicals with friends at ArtFest. I think I may burst at the seams just waiting for the months to pass so I can get to Port Townsend again and experience the feeling of being swept away in the wonderful world of ART! Every class I have ever taken has always given me more than I expected and I can see by this year's choices of teachers and classes the biggest challenge I will have is making a selection. I wish I could take EVERY class!!! They all look great! And I see Tiphoni is teaching - What a legacy for Teesha and Tracey - to pass their wonderful creative gift to their children- and see them love it as much as they do!!! They must be sooo proud. I am frantically looking at each teacher's site so I can make my selections for the days I am not teaching! See you all there!!!!!!

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kelly rae said...

oh how fun. i'll be there, too! it'll be my 2nd year. and your extended journal class looks so cool!