Saturday, May 30, 2009

Paper Bag Wallets

Spent the day in my studio recycling brown paperbags into wallets.

I enjoy figuring out ways to reuse items that we would normally toss away or send to the recycle center. As I looked around my stash of brown paperbags I decided that it would be fun to create a wallet and cell phone holder.

Gathering bits and pieces of fabrics, trims and buttons I began assembling a wallet. Having no pattern, of course, I began experimenting with strengthening the bag so it wouldn't rip and how to assemble it.

Then using the sewing machine and a free-style quilting stitch I quilted one of the pocket, decorated it with bits of lace and a button. Soon I had a Vintage wallet.

Since I am frequently drawn to bright colors and have a lot of scraps in my fabric treasures, I decided to create a paperbag wallet in brights. Here is the result:

These unique creations are small and just the thing when you want to head off on a shopping trip and prefer to leave your large handbag at home. You can place your money in the deep pocket and cell phone in the front decorative pocket.

Please leave a comment telling me what you think of these fun wallets. You will be entered in my monthly drawing and could possible win something special if you name is drawn.

Perhaps a fun wallet???? What is your favorite color? When is your birthday?

Please tell me. You just never know what "goodie" could find its way to you.


Doreen G said...

Mary Lin these wallets are great and I agree it is nice to usestuff that we normally would toss out.
As for my favourite colour I don't have a special favourite I just love colour and my birthday is Sept.7th
Regards Doreen

hiddenart said...

I have a pattern for a similar wallet that uses fat quarters. Thank you for the inspiration to try it out with recycled material. So resourceful!
Favorite color right now is orange, and birthday is Aug 18.

Willow Brook Home said...

Your wallets are really a great way to use up bags... I'm sure that this is just the tip of the iceburg for you making creative bags and such from recycled materials. Great Job!