Monday, May 11, 2009

Art & Soul Virginia

As always Tracie and I had a blast teaching our classes. The students were FANTASTIC and OH, so TALENTED! I am completely in AWE everytime we teach our painting classes at what the students create! This is especially rewarding when many of our students have NEVER painted before and to tackle painting a bird takes courage.

Each student brings a given talent that she was not aware she had. With our techniques and showing them a few tricks the paintings are BEAUTIFUL!

Without sounding like an infomercial....this IS the class for you if you have ever wanted to pick up a paint brush and begin creating something to be proud to show family and friends! YOU, too, can create beauties like these:

Here are the BEAUTIFUL necklaces painted by students:


The Babel Meister said...

Beautiful! I would love to have an original piece of art from you!

Karen said...

I really love these birds!! This spring I am really drawn to bird images. Your students did great work, must be the teacher!!!

jill Berry said...

Beautiful Birds Marylin! Your students did great work.
I seem to be following you around, I hope we can chat sometime!

Cory said...

These are all beautiful...what fun, and so colorful.

Melange said...

Wow they are all absolutely wonderful.

Sandra L. said...

Marylin, I was thrilled to see my finch posted here! May I use a copy of it on my blog?

I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance in the class. I hope that the follow-up revisited class will be offered next year because I would love to study with you and Tracie again!