Thursday, January 22, 2009


January 22, 1966

Forty-three (43) years ago today I married my high school sweetheart. My, how time passes!

I remember our meeting so vividly. We were in the school cafeteria when I first saw him. After that day we both sat in the same place everyday stealing glances and smiling shyly. Finally, after a couple of weeks a mutual friend introduced us. I was 15, a junior, and he was 17, a senior.

After our first date where we went sleigh riding, there were several more dates over the course of 3 years then we married.

Sometimes as I remember those days I think.."My! How young we were." Now 43 years later I think..."My! How old we are and how many years have passed....OH, so quickly!"

I would guess many would ask, "How have you made it last?" My reply would be, "With a lot of hard work, being friends, and knowing that love changes with the years. It grows from passion to a soft gentle understanding"

I tell everyone that we have grown up together. We were such kids when we married....18 and 21.

There were tough times and good times; sad times and happy times; quiet times and noisy times; lonely times and times together; angry times and laughing times. I could go on and on as I think we have faced every trial a married couple could face. But the one thing we were both committed to was making it work and not giving up. Making it work was hardwork sometimes and at other times very easy.

We have always been able to talk to each other. Our life goals have remained focused on the same dreams and throughout the years we have worked to accomplish those dreams.

My dear husband was in the military for 40 years and fought in 2 wars so as you can imagine we spent some stressful times apart. Thankfully he returned safely home. And the last time he went to war he served beside our middle son. What a sad time that was...having my husband and son in harms way yet bittersweet knowing they had one another.

He has now retired and I am hoping to join him soon. Then, finally we will be able to travel to those far away places, build more dreams and enjoy our final years together.

My anniversary message to him is:

"Thank you for loving good and bad times. Thank you for sharing all these years with me. Thank you for being the father of our children. You have always been a wonderful role model for them. I am proud of our very loving and responsible sons. While we faced some tough times throughout the years we have emerged stronger and loved more. Thank you for always supporting me in pursuing my dreams and making many of them realities.

I Love you, my darling husband."


Anonymous said...


I thank you and Dad for all your hard work and dedication. You both have been fantastic role models not images of perfection. Instead you have taught me that no one is perfect...that imperfections are what makes people perfect. You have taught me that no relationship is a fairytale... that when I make a "life-long commitment" it is just That giving up is not an option.

When you set out for a dream you follow it to the end...whether the result is sweet success or failure. Either way, there is much to be learned.

You've taught me not to be selfish and give as much as I can.

You have taught me far more than the most prestigious university could ever teach me. You have taught me how to love...

..and for that, I am proud to be your son.

Thank you.

I love you Mom and Dad.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

No matter how long I live, where I go, or what I do.. I will never be able to thank you enough for entrusting me with one of your most precious treasures.

From the moment I fell in love with your son, our relationship has been about as close to perfect as I think anyone can achieve in this world. He completes me in ways I could never have ever imagined or even thought to ask for. And I know that this fairy tale existence is due in large part from the hard work, devotion, and dedication that you have shown toward your family.

Earl will always be my very best friend and my life.

Jr. and I love you both! Congratulations.

Jody said...

Marylin, Congratulations on your anniversary, it's so wonderful to know that marriages can last through the years and I can tell yours is stilled filled with love. I also met my husband in High School in our Junior year,we celebrated our anniversary of 44 years this last July, and I agree with everything you have written. It isn't always easy, and we too did grow up together.
Having met you last year at A&S in class, I can see why your still married, as you are a kind, loving woman full of giving and glee. It was a delight to met you and have the privilege of sharing time together for a few hours. May you celebrate many more years together. Hope you get to travel after retirement and arrive at the end, worn out, tired, used up,spent, filled to capacity and ready for a rest. LOL

Best Regards,
Jody said...

At first I only wanted to leave a comment to be eligible for the contest (I am new to blogging); however, after reading your post and the messages from the people that you have touched I feel blessed that you decided to share your heart with me and everyone else that visits your beautiful site. Thank you and I sincerely wish you many more years of loving and learning together- congratulations.
PS-I hope to meet you at the Art Unraveled retreat!

Summerset said...

Congratulations! I love your wedding photo. My parents were married in 1966, and her veil was very similar to yours, short and very poufy.

adeola's studio said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story. I agree with everything you wrote even though I have only been married 20 years.

Congratulations on your wedding aniversary and I hope to meet you at ARTFEST 2009.


Terry Weiss said...

Marylin, I met you at last year's Art Fiber Fest and was happy to read about your anniversary. I have to tell you that Mark and I - celebrating our 34th anniversary tomorrow, Valentines Day -always say that it seems like we've been together for all our lives - and at the same time it seems as though it's been 3 weeks, the time has gone so fast.

Fun, though to be part of an endangered species: couples that have been together for decades and still are happy and can't imagine life without each other!

robin dudley-howes said...

Oh my gosh Marilyn...what a tear jerker. I commend you and your family for serving our country and for perservering in your commitments for family. Because of your actions you serve as terrific role models for generations to come. Thanks for sharing part of you heart to us. I have been married for 22 years and all that you said is so true especially the part about how we change from being our passionate selves to more gentle caring (paraphrasing). I also am blessed with families on both sides that some how have all managed to love each other and get along (my mother in law, point in case).

Veleta said...

this is so beautiful!