Friday, December 05, 2008

No Pictures Just Words

Well, today I am home recovering from having a bone graft on my lower left jaw. The past year or so I have had a lot of pain in the area and kept telling myself if was just an ear ache. But when I had my dental checkup and the dentist did an x-ray he said something was going on with the bone. He sent me to a Periodontist who said I had some infection in the bone.

So yesterday I went to have the area treated. The bone area was like a sponge so the Doc had to cut out the bad bone and build it back with some kind of cement stuff. It was the pits getting it done but I can say that I am happy it is over and I am on the mend.

After a restless night last night and a pain pill every 3-4 hours I feel much better today. My dear husband took good care of me last night.

I am hoping that now I can get back to my artwork and get some things done around the house. Of course, it will be a week or so before I can get those things accomplished but it is great to have this behind me. I was dreading the whole procedure and wish I could say it wasn't as bad as I thought - but I can't- It was the pits!

In about a week I will get the stitches out and then I am sure I can say "It is better now!"

Thanks to my family and friends for all the kind words and thought! I cherish each of you!

Have a great weekend!



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Sue B said...

So glad to hear that it went well and it's over - rest and get well soon!

Maija said...

OMG, Marylin! That totally sucks! I hate having work done on my mouth- especially to that extent. last year I had to have a tooth pulled. Well that sucker wouldn't come out (it has fused to my jaw, so he had to pul and grind and chip it out. Then a bone graft. It was so icky! Take lots of Motrin until you are all better. Is the doctor certain he removed all the infection?

Anonymous said...

Hello sweet Marylin..Just read your post and wanted to say we hope you are feeling better by now. You're too nice to be in that kind of pain...get well soon. Love, Patty in Atchison

purple bird art said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you had to go through this and hope you areon the mend - loved your poem about the bird and winter! Been doing a lot of bird feeding here with a foot of snow on the ground and temps in the 20's - Jan