Saturday, March 29, 2008


I received a beautiful bouquet of mums for Easter and will be planting them in the garden as soon as the threat of frost has past. Today I wanted to something special with them so I decided to take the real flowers and create a collage. As I created this piece I remembered the wonderful spring days of my childhood.

How happy I was when the days began to get longer and the flowers began to bloom.

I lay in the grass staring at the stars
Wondering how many were in the sky,
Wishing upon each one as it fell...
Watching the sparkles upon the dew
And dreaming of angel fairies
That would fly around the flower garden
Kissing each flower goodnight.

What fun the days would bring
As I would help grandmother remove the weeds
That hid among the floral carpet.
Each tiny flower's bud held a beauty within
And would open with a smile as the sun
Rose high in the sky.

The tiny angel fairies would fly happily about
As each bud's smile would reveal a deep and pure color.
I would dream that each fairy had a special
Way of helping the flowers look as beautiful as possible.
These tiny and lovely creatures were everywhere...
And always seemed to be happily going about their work.

Butterflies would kiss the flowers....
One by One....
They would open their wings and float gently
On the summer breeze.
Each flower smiled as the butterflies moved
Happily from one to another.
I would sit silently in the midst and...
Sometimes the butterflies would light upon my cheek
And I could feel is soft and gentle kiss.

When nighttime came I would watch from the window
And see the sparkle of the fairies
As they folded the flower petals.
The lovely botanicals would bow their heads
And sleep throughout the night.


Barbara said...

wonderful childhood....I also remember my childhood and I think its many many many imaginations.....but childhood can be the whole life..if we want...
Kisses barbara

Maija said...

So beautiful, Marylin!