Tuesday, May 01, 2007


How fitting that I received my Home Sweet Home swap piece this past weekend. Tracie brought it with her when she and my son came for a visit. It is FABULOUS!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! The WONDERFUL artists whose swaps I received are: Carla Barrett (door), Mary Stanley (window-upper right) and Alma Stoller (remaining 2 windows)! What a gift on such a special week end! Thanks Tracie for hosting the swap and thanks to the artists that all participated!

This piece arrived at such a special time. All our children were here to visit and we celebrated our grandchild, Tracie and my birthdays! We had so much fun!!!

It is always a blessing when all the family is together. I cherish those moments and as the years pass I realize they are even more precious than ever! As I watch the boys play cards and have fun together I still see my little boys - even though they are grown men! I am very proud of each of them. They grew up into the best young men a mom could ever ask for!

Family - a gift to cherish and hold close to the heart!

Home Sweet Home!


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

what sweet sentiments...

we had a wonderful weekend too!


Dianne said...

Oh I love to read about Mums and their sons, and that the relationship stays special even after they marry and move away. (I have 3 boys).