Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Well, for the first time in 3 months I am able to take some time for me. I decided that I should sit down and enjoy a slow cup of wonderful raspberry-apricot tea. I bought the beautiful creamer and sugar bowl along with the cup at a little store in Seattle. This was last year when Tracie, our friend Lori, and I went to our annual retreat at ArtFest. We always start and finish the trip with a little shopping at the market. It is so much fun!

When I spotted this lovely creation by Muzeum I knew I had to have it. I took it to work and when I need a few minutes alone to gather my thoughts I brew a cup of tea, shut my door and let my mind drift to the adventures at ArtFest. It is so relaxing to think about the laughter and artistic creating that happens at ArtFest. Teesha, Tracey and their crew work so hard to make the experience top notch.

Then, teachers like Nina Bagley, Leslie Riley, Pam Garrison, Traci Bautista (to name a few) give the best classes. I remember Nina's class last year-"Sheer Beauty, Mica Wallhanging", it was a blast. I had never worked with mica before but when I finished I had a beautiful wall hanging that now hangs proudly in my art room. I absolutely love Nina! She not only is fun but has a terrific amount of patience.

Oh, I must take another sip of tea! Delicious! MMM!

Memories! How grand!

Each of the last six years we have gone to Art Fest I come home planning to attend the next!

I think this year - I will go to the little tea shop at the market and buy the pitcher and more cups to match this set. I love the pattern so much because it reminds me of all the artistic talent flowing around Fort Warden when 500+ artists show up to create!

Wonder what the past Generals of Fort Warden would think about all the creativity. Definitely not a "Yes,Sir. No,Sir" environment now! Do you suppose the spirits are still around?

Well, time to get back to work! More time for tea later and more time for dreaming!

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