Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Classes this Semester

I absolutely love the classes I am taking this semester.  Of course, the Art History class with Dr. Sauls is on my schedule again.  Love learning about the artists and the times in which they were creating.  Seems different to me now that I am older than it did when I was much younger.  I feel a greater connection to the fact that living in a certain era provides more influence on what we do and how we create than we realized as we moved through life.  During much of my life I always felt a great degree of independence coupled with doing my own "thing", whatever that was.  Now as I look back I have realized how much the decade I lived in affected my path in life.  In any case, Art History has given me new view and a better understanding of the art that was produced.

This is a woodcarving from the Printmaking class I am taking with Geo Sipp.  Geo is great!  I learned so much just in the first class.  I have never carved anything in my life!  We were to create part human - part animal and carve into a piece of wood.  Now that I have the image carved I will be printing it on paper.  (I will post a pic once I have it completed.)

Self-portrait project in Painting, also with Geo Sipp.  As you can see I am not good with this but am learning and having fun.  That is what counts, huh?

This is another self-portrait.  I had so much fun with this and decided I should leave well enough alone.

Now am doing a picture of Einstein.  LOVE doing this!  Geo had us use a grid to create the portrait with more accuracy.  Lots of prep work up front but it is worth it.  This is the first paint layer.

This is color layer number 2.  Think this is looking better.

Color layer number 3.  Lots more layers to go but I really love doing this project.  It measures 24 inches x 32 inches so it makes a big statement. 
Will post the completed work once I have it done.  Stay tuned..................


Jo Hammers said...

loved the art on your site. I studied art in college, but have pursued a career in writing. I have 18 published books. Recently, the publisher has agreed to publish a book of my college art from almost 50 years ago. Never give up your love of art. I appreciate your style. Check out my site

DaydreamerN said...

Beautiful work! I really love these!
I think the first one and the last one are my favorites though.

Can't wait to see more of your work soon!