Friday, December 10, 2010

Seeing the Forest and the Trees

This is the forest of trees that I created then decorated with the INchies made by the INchie Divas in the yahoo group that I lead. Each small 1" x 1" work of art became a tiny ornament for the fabric trees.

We create this tiny masterpieces with a theme in mind then the hostess collects and returns them to each artist. What fun we have creating and sharing.

I wanted to create something different for the "Holiday 2010" swap so designed the tree from muslin, painted the muslin, sewed it together, stuffed with poly fill, glued to a plastic bowl painted black then attached miniature ornaments and the tiny works of art.

ENJOY, my friends!


paintedlady89 said...

I love my inchie tree! I was so ill when I was making the inchies, I am so happy that I lived to see the complete collection. I love the divas! Thank you!

Catherine said...

What a wonderful idea for an inchie swap, Marylin! These trees are beautiful and really show off the artwork!

Maija said...

Brilliant idea Marylin!!!! Have a Merry Christmas!!!