Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blossoms Abound

As I gaze out my windows I am in awe of the color and beauty surrounding our home. The trees and shrubs are in full bloom and paint the countryside in vibrant hues.

Here are a few of the blossoms:

This is the lovely red bud my husband planted outside the kitchen window for me. The red bud is my favorite tree.

As I walk to the flower garden hubby planted my favorite shrub...the lilac bush. We had one planted for years but it never bloomed, so last year he dug up the old and planted a new is in full bloom.

Everyday as I arrive home I see this lovely crab apple tree. It is planted next to the driveway where it is surrounded by flowers all summer. Looking out the living room window I see this beautiful tree.

This is our apple tree. It provides a lovely view from the dining room.

We planted it 18 years ago when we built our house. It has struggled to survive but still blooms beautifully every spring. The wind has blown it over several times and hubby ties it back up. I won't let him dig it out and get a new one because it really works hard to survive.....I am just sentimental. favorite time of year as the sleeping follage wakens and provides me with so much beauty to enjoy.


paintedlady89 said...

Hi Marylin,
Thank you so much for sharing the beauties of spring...
Even though we have beautiful weather throughout the year here,
I miss the sight and smells of all the beautiful trees and plants that need more water then the desert climate can provide.
Please visit my blog at: Gigi

Jeanne said...

What a wonderful tour of you yard. Your flowers are so pretty. The lilacs are my favorite.

Willow Brook Home said...

Everything looks so beatiful right now, especially your gardens around your house. You must have a fantastic gardener. ;)


Binky said...

I'm always up for a good drawing. I wish my spring was in as full a spring bloom as yours.

lisa bebi said...

i'm interested in this april artfest drawing!!!! count me in!
lisa bebi

paperbird said...

you have such pretty trees in your yard.

I have a Lilac that has never really had many blooms- so sad but i think I will have to replace it.