Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today is a special day to share Love and Friendship and I must say I am completely surrounded by both!

My dear husband, who NEVER forgets any special day, gave me this card! The picture on the card reminds both of us of the fun we have with our precious pets...the hours of laughter and the mounds of memories we have shared as we watch their daily interactions. How often we interact in much the same way...playful fussing, flirting and snuggling.

And he gave me a dozen chocolate covered strawberries from SnowBall Ice Cream Shoppe! Our son, Brett, gave me a lovely floral piece he made.

I simply had to share....

Of course, the Wonderful taste of the strawberries I can only say is FABULOUSLY DELICIOUS!!

Then, when he returned from the mailbox there was a "special" package for me from my INchie Divas.

Look at these BEAUTIFUL creations!

Jane Eileen hosted this swap for me because I wasn't able to use my hand following surgery. Her clever packaging brought a smile right away.....NO calories in this treat...ONLY Love and Friendship!

I can look at these bits of eye candy anytime with no fear of adding pounds to my figure! Of course, my heart is growing emincely as I feel the creative love and energy these Divas put into each of the tiny inch by inch works of art!

I, also, participated in a Valentine card swap hosted by Heather Simpson-Blumm. Look at these lovely cards I recieved. My studio is overflowing with Valentine greetings!

Don't you just love this "The Day of LOVE"?


and.....Thank You for visiting my blog!

Here is where the beautifully delicious strawberries were created.

The Lovely floral is an original creation from Willow Brook Home.

Please visit Jane and Heather, you will enjoy their fun and creative posts.


Maija said...

I'm so glad you had a beautiful day full of love!

Your banner is beautiful!

Lori S-C said...

Beautiful things for beautiful you!