Saturday, October 11, 2008

Artful Experience!!!

Teaching classes is something I dearly love! And the students are BEYOND terrific! The artful experience of Art & Soul was again filled with the LOVE of SHARING, HUGS from FRIENDS, and every breathe fresh from CREATIVITY!

Each class, every moment is a memory that I have lived over and over since my returned home.

Tracie and I began this adventure with teaching the Painted Nature Fabrics. Each student created a most BEAUTIFUL piece...filled with color and unique creativity! Tracie has the pictures for this class on her blog, so please visit and gaze at these treasures!

Next we taught the Yummy Fused Papers. The students were eager to learn and the results speak for themselves. The bookmarks and tags were made using pressed botanicals from my garden. The gift wrap papers are just BEAUTIFUL also! Wouldn't you love to get a present wrapped in these?!!

Here are some of the LOVELY creations these ladies did on Thursday evening:

Friday began with a meeting of our Nature Gathered group. Jan Harris, Andrew Borloz, Paula McNamee, Bee Shay, Cynthia Mooney, Tracie and I loved the "coffee" talk" and planning for our future creations. I feel so humbled to be in the group with these talented artists.

Friday....Tracie, Jan Harris and I went to visit Katherine Dunn at Apifera Farm. What a TRULY LOVING lady! She is as giving and kind as her blog reflects! We loved seeing her studio where she creates and then the walk out to see the animals was FANTASTIC! These captivating creatures see Katherine and they come running! She loves each one and you can sure see the love is reprocated. Here are a couple of pictures we took with Katherine......

Later on Friday evening we taught the Lusious Layered Fusion Fabric class. The classroom was filled with talented artists eager to begin creating these BEAUTIFUL fabrics....

Sadly Saturday morning we had to return. My day job as a Medicare manager required that I return to those daily duties, however, the memories, fun times, new and old friendship have a SPECIAL place in my heart!


Leslie said...

Oh, how yummy Marilyn! I enjoyed the Painted Nature class so much in Portland and the others looked wonderful too.

And Nature Gathered. . . well, that's a fun place to roam around as well.


Maija said...

You are a fabulous teacher! You truly inspire your students. I know that for a fact!

Anonymous said...

The fusion paper and fabric classes were the highlight of my retreat! The crafting was fabulous, but the vivaciousness of the instructors was what truly made the class a joy.

Anonymous said...

The fusion paper and fabric classes were the highlight of my first Art & Soul retreat. The crafts were fabulous, but they were outshone by the vivaciousness of the instructors! It was a pleasure ~ Drizzle