Friday, February 29, 2008


Have you ever DREAMED of walking in the same place as many great artists?

Have you ever WONDERED what it would be like to visit one of the MOST romantic areas on earth?

Have you ever THOUGHT about the experience of creating art in a place you haven't been before?

Have you ever WISHED for a week in paradise?

Have you ever TASTED wine and VISUALIZED what it must be like to taste the wine made in Italy where the grapes have ripened on the vine?

Have you EXPERIENCED shopping at an AUTHENTIC Italian Market?

Have you ever WATCHED a romantic movie where the leading man takes his heroine to the MOST romantic restaurant in Italy and ......

THOUGHT - WOW -.....

if ONLY I could sit and SAVOR that WONDERFULLY, FABULOUS experience?

If ANY or ALL of these thoughts have ever been in your dreams then you simply MUST join Tracie Lyn and I on our Adventure in Italy with Kristin and Bill Steiner.

We will be spending a week in Italy experiencing ALL these romantic dreams.

We would LOVE to have you join us!

Our class will be different than any you have experienced in the past. We are going to teach you how to create from your surroundings so that ANYWHERE you visit you will be able to look around and create from authentic items available to you.

We are going to show you ways to capture the landscape when you forget your art supplies and must be creative with whatever is available.

The INDESCRIBABLY BEAUTIFUL Orvieta sets on a plateau and the scenery is BEYOND the imagination. We will be staying in the MOST QUAINT setting where you will be able to feel the creative genius of the artisans from long ago.

Please visit Kristin and Bill's website for the details. Or you may write to Tracie Lyn or me and will answer your questions.

This will be a small group so please don't hesitate as you REALLY DON'T want to miss this experience!


icandy... said...

Hello there, Marylin! Just wanted to touch base... Have a ball in Italy! Sounds like the trip of a lifetime! Hope all's well. Christina! :)

S.Ghosh said...

though i can not loin you guys but i very well wish to....but may be this post gave me to feel the beauty of nature