Sunday, January 27, 2008


Tracie Lyn and I will be traveling to Italy in May 2009 and would love to have YOU join us on this a most fabulous ARTISTIC adventure. Traveling to Italy and viewing first hand the famous works of many great artists is an experience that I am anxiously awaiting. And NOTHING could be better than to be traveling with my darling daughter-in-law, Tracie Lyn, as well as Kristin and Bill Steiner.......

YOU, my friends, are cordially invited to join us.

Bill and Kristin are very experienced in where to go and what to see while there. They have been traveling there regularly for 5 years and have planned WONDERFUL days full of fun and cultural experiences.

To walk where the Renaissance artists walked and to see the views that took their breathes away is a fantasy come true. If you love art, creating, seeing first hand what the great masters created then you simply can’t miss going on the FABULOUS adventure.

We will be traveling on a most INCREDIBLE JOURNEY TO ORVIETO. It is located a short distance north of Rome - right in the heart of the Italian countryside - on top of a plateau. The view goes for miles with color and splendor beyond words. We will be learning and having fun all at the same time.

As we walk to the market and experience the local culture we will be gathering items to incorporate into our WONDERFUL SOJOURN piece of art that we will create to remind us always of this magical place.

We will show you how to create the colors your eyes see through the use of items from the trip. I don’t want to give away any secrets so I can ONLY say that we will be showing you how to capture Italy in a way you have NEVER thought possible.

Tracie and I feel very honored that we were invited to share a week long artist workshop in this the HEART of the ARTISTIC MASTERS’ country.

The ADVENTURE will introduce us to the culture in a way no other trip can offer. We will go to the market and visit many local shops and artisans, taste wine from the local vineyards, prepare authentic Italian food ourselves, and tour the Etruscan Caves.

Please visit ADVENTURES IN ITALY for detailed information. Or you may contact Tracie Lyn, Kristin and Bill Steiner, or me.

You are INVITED to join us for this week of WONDER and SPLENDER.....You may want to bring a friend or that VERY SPECIAL SOMEONE...this is the TRIP for YOU!!!!!

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Dianne said...

Oh Marylin I wish I could come with you!!! You have portrayed it so beautifully, and I just let out a big wistful sigh. I hope you have a fantastic trip.....